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What Our Clients Are Saying

It works and the Aventus scent smells great which is the best compliment I can give it as a product. The packages are also usually personalized and filled with surprises which is why I'd like to give a special shout-out to Hayley for preparing my ...

~ Kevin

This one is hard to give a fair review on because it seems like being able to reduce your physical distance from a woman is key. This is difficult following the social-distancing programmed into people's minds. I've had 2 platonic female friends ...

~ John DeBey

This compound had great results. My wife couldn't stop mentioning how sexy I appeared, how manly I seemed, and how turned on she was being around me. I only used 2 sprays of the lowest mcg and the effects seemed to leave an impression for 2- 3 day...

~ T.MC

Bliss is A1 sauce if you want to be fully out of your usual element very chatty and out going. If you need some tension evolve makes it a beast

~ Elvis Ramos

I have use a LOT of pheromones over the years and then took a bunch of years off. Evolve has always stayed at the top of my list but it just got dethroned. The self effects for me are absolutely noticeable and the blend is super natural to my bo...

~ Michael

my wife has gone through mesopause, and I was looking for something that would give us both a spark. PSE in combo with Naked Gun, or SOB. has been great. I feel like I could go all night, and have had occasions where a second or third go around h...

~ Big Easy

This is what you wear when you’re going to run into your ex and his new girlfriend.

~ NoUrgency

This is a powerful blend that layers well with a general attractant like Taboo or Evolve. It is a strong blend, so no more than one or maybe two sprays is needed. It evokes rapid and powerful arousal in women.
I don't recommend it as a primary s...

~ Steelraven

Be careful, this stuff really works. I wear it to the local swingers' club and I have had some incredibly hot encounters because of it. I have been sought out at the club by different women because in their words "something about you *really*...

~ Icepick

I'm a single guy and I have used XiSt (stacked w/ Evolve) when hanging out at a local swingers' club. The results have been amazing. Last night I had 2 separate encounters and during the post-coital cuddles I was told "being with you is so re...

~ Icepick

Real pheromones, by real pheromone enthusiasts

pheromoneXS is an independent business headquartered just outside Memphis TN which has been offering our high-potency pheromone blends since 2011. Established by a pheromone hobbyist and enthusiast with one very simple mission: only sell the very same pheromone blends we personally use. 

Our unique pheromone blends available to everyone, however you identify, are hand-crafted in small batches with reagent-grade ingredients. Designed to enthrall the emotions and captivate the senses XS blends pack powerful, but consistent results into every spray.

Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to turn heads entering any room; Meet new friends and lovers, turn friends into lovers, gain the respect of your peers, be the influencer. XS blends will help provide you with all the incredible opportunities you deserve right at your fingertips.