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You have just discovered a unique pheromone store created by a pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist with one goal in mind - pheromone sprays that work! At pheromoneXS we don’t just sell pheromones, we use them.

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Men and Women everywhere will feel your presence when you enter the room. You can be the center of attention, the A-Lister everyone wants to be with, or just be. Pheromones can give you that advantage you’ve been looking for.

You’ll meet new lovers, friends, be more successful and confident in business and life, gain the respect you deserve, influence others. Its all now at your fingertips with pheromoneXS unique and incredible pheromone sprays for men and women.

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Success with pheromone sprays for men and women!
pheromoneXS has the personal knowledge and technology to create your very own personal, one-of-a-kind pheromone spray. Just tell us the effects you’re looking for and if we don’t already have a blend that meets your specifications, we’ll make one!


Latest Reviews

wow just wow! i was so amazed of the results! normally i m kind of like a chick magnet, but after spraying this and samples you gave me. thank you bobby! i had these 2 girls who never talk to me all of a sudden like best friends! after my first sprays, in parking lot getting out of my car some random chick started talking to me... all i can say is wow! your products, service, extras i got is beyond phenomenal! all i can say is thank you so very much and you have found a true, dedicated customer!

kerry auletta (11-3-2020)


Best status pheromone I have ever used. I've gotten promoted at work without even trying wearing this stuff. This is pure "social power" in a bottle. Be careful with it and treat people well, and this stuff will open doors for you. Already ordered my second bottle, halfway through the first. Bosses defer to you, coworkers suck up to you, and people go out of their way to help you without even thinking about it. This is the go-to everyday pheromone I've been looking for.

ChocolateThunder (11-6-2020)