Domination XS - High-Potency Androstenone Oil (10ml)

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Domination XS!

High-Potency Androstenone / Androstanone Pheromone Oil

(with the addition of 2 Highly-Sexual masculine Pheromone Molecules)

Faster than speed seduction!

More Powerful than any pickup line! 

Able to leap over any cock-block in a single bound!

(“Look! Over there!” “It’s a dude!” “It’s a guy!” “It’s Domination Man!”)

NOW Available as 10ml bottle


You are probably asking yourself right about now what exactly is Androstenone and Androstanone and more importantly, how do I get those results?

These are two of the most powerful male pheromones and they both elicit raw animal magnetism  and sexual prowess. Individually either one can be called the most sexual pheromone ever, but together they amplify that persona to the max. You will “Dominate” your surroundings and either one of two things will occur. People will either love or loathe you, lust you or be disgusted by you.

Now this might appear to be a negative but polarity has a unique effect on those especially turned off by your signature. More people follow those they are annoyed by than those who they like. We have this desire to either change that which we don’t like or at least discover why it is the way it is. It’s the reaction that counts and with Domination XS you get a reaction!




Each "Domination-XS" Male Pheromone Blend bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in dropper containing: Androstenone, Androstanone, 2 additional super sexual masculine pheromone molecules, Dipropylene Glycol.

56 mg per 10ml bottle at 188 mcg per drop


Results last 8-10 hours at 1-2 drops applied to clean dry skin. This product does not contain any fragrance except the natural odors of the pheromones.

By default, all pheromoneXS pheromone blends are shipped UNSCENTED. You know yourself better than anyone else and therefore the cologne that work best for you. We offer 5 distinct cover scents for men, or you can use your own favorite cologne as a cover.

Please remember, pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors and as such may not be very pleasant smelling. A cologne or fragrence is advised to help cover the natural scent of the pheromones. At pheromoneXS we use our Advanced Diffusion Technology ADT so you get consistent results with or without cologne or fragrance.

You can read more about the importance of diffusion and silage on our community research forum. We are crowd-sourcing the research that is changing the way pheromones are understood. Come join us

Dropper Types

All Oil Bottles are shipped with a white Euro Dropper. You may request an optional Bulb Dropper to be included on the side.

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Retail Blends

AndrostENONE, AndrostANONE, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

Some of our blends may contain unlisted proprietary pheromone components.

Pheromone Content 103.68 mg Pheromones per bottle
Recommended Dosage 1 drop to exposed skin such as neck, wrists, behind ears or any spot you typically apply cologne to.
Day or Night Usage Nighttime use highly recommended!
G O A L S Sexual
Application Great for sexually charged environments like clubs, bars or parties.

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