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Beta Testing


Beta Testing: There are numerous ways for a pheromone spray to enter into the beta testing stage.  

*  A personal pheromone spray that we feel shows great potential. Every pheromone blend goes through a rigorous process of pre-beta testing before this stage. Once it has proven worthy through a series of field tests it is released as a beta

Custom Pheromone spray that a client has requested and reported on. We simply don’t just stake our reputation on what a single client reports. Again we personally pre-beta test the pheromone spray in the field and make comparisons for analyses.

*  Changes to established pheromone blends. Occasionally there could be an adjustment to a blend for any number of reasons. However, out of respect for our clients we will never make a change and not beta-test first. Please be assured if anything changes in a pheromoneXS blend you will be made aware before you purchase it. pheromoneXS doesn’t just believe in transparency, we practice it.


Important Information!

Thank you for your interest in the Limited Editions and Beta Testing area of our store. There are NO SAMPLES available. Each product is created in “Limited” supply specifically for research and development purposes. The pricing is substantially discounted from our regular products for affordability.

All Limited Edition pheromone blends including Custom and Beta Testing are offered without warranty and are NOT covered by the pheromoneXS Guarantee.

Please use discretion when considering purchasing an untested pheromone spray or oil. pheromoneXS values your feedback in this area. If you are unfamiliar with pheromones your best choice is our signature pheromone spray series for Men, Women and/or Unisexy.


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eau de pheromone
Based on 2 reviews.
Finally Released the women's version of Celebrity. Its a fantasy we've all dreamt about at one point or another. Flashing of cameras, autographs, paparazzi. The glitz and glamor of Hollywood, t..
FINALLY A BLEND FOR THE TIMID! Sometimes we all need a boost in our lives. Introducing XS124 Bitch from pheromoneXS. Its the pheromone blend that pushes the limits on personal identity. There c..
We have not yet determined a name for this blend as of yet. XS145 is for men. In alpha-testing it has been well received as a blend that showed consistent results. There was lots of flirting and en..
A blend if you want to absolutely obliterate everone around you. You're going to be perceived as an absolute douche! We've included every single type of Rone we could get our hands on in high conce..
LOVE RONE? So do we! This is a well balanced blend that utilizes all of our RONE molecules, but has a way to not overdo things. Not for everybody and not well balanced, but if you're into RONE this..
Sensual, seductive, not sexual, but more sexy. Great blend when moving your relationship from couch to bed. Probably one of the most subtle blends I've ever created, but sometimes subtlety is exact..
eau de pheromone
Based on 1 reviews.
XS152 TA-TEST /Unisexy One of the reasons we began testing individual named molecules was due to the "rolling blackouts" of popular putative molecules from Androtics. We were constantly testing..
SOLD OUT XS172 (Pencil Thin Mustache /M)
Has an old time gentleman like feel to it. It was designed to give a personification of the chivalrous gent who holds the door open, but won't take any crap either. If we were going to name this bl..
eau de pheromone
Based on 1 reviews.
XS178 Engage /Women
 Every so often we meet that person who we call engaging. They're attractiveness comes from their personality and resonates with those around them as someone we can easly spe..
This is a test of a new refined version of ENONE we just picked up from our chemist. They managed to make a super version of enone with little to no scent, but in doing so, before releasing, we wan..
SOLD OUT XSwim (XS200-Beta)
An Answer 2 years in the making. Life is not Perfect The perfect day, barely a passing cloud, but just enough to lend shade from the hot sun. A gentle breeze cools our glistening skin as we ..
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