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05/27/2013, 09:42 PM

Its the end of an extended weekend here in the US, or the unofficial beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Either way, some of us return to work tomorrow, while others begin their summer vacations. Its the juxtaposition of the daily grind against the thrill of exciting days spent frolicking in the sun that makes us strive to do better in our lives.

Some of us spend hours in the gym to get the perfect swimsuit physique, others take on extra work to afford that trip to a tropical fantasy land. There are no regrets, only dreams of making what we have better. When we give up dreaming we give up living.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

What are you doing to do to make your dreams come true?

I’ve been struggling with weight issues ever since I got out of the Army, way back when. It was so much easier to eat and drink whatever I wanted to when younger. I’ve done the Atkins diet, South Beach, Palio, blood type, I’ve done it all. The ONLY thing I ever did that I had a substantial loss with and felt great was straight up juicing and gym with nutritional help from my friend Dr. Rhonda.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick would emphasize how important it is to get the proper dosage of omega 3’s and other nutrients into my regiment. She certainly would know, as she spent years as a research scientist at St Jude Hospital curing cancer. Now residing in San Francisco she has dedicated her life work to proper nutrition and diet.

She recently published a book called “The Skinny on Omega-3 and Vitamin D” and it will change your life! This is not a sugar coated attempt to get you to comprehend the importance of what you are missing by skipping these valuable nutrients. This is a jaw-dropping, no thrills, scientific approach that will captivate you into doing the right thing for your body. Even if you stop reading after the first chapter you’d have to crawl under a rock to not get the intense value from it.

This is not an affiliate pitch, because there is none, this is me sharing something that changed my life for the better. This is an opportunity for real world results, designed by a real world enthusiast and hobbyist, just like we all are.

You can pick up her book in either paperback or ebook form here: http://www.foundmyfitness.com/skinny-on-omega3-vitamin-d/ and even if you just check out her blog you’ll appreciate what she has to offer.

It’s only $20 friends, but I value you and want you to be happy in your lives. Your health and well-being are a huge part of that. To offset the expense here’s a coupon code you can use at http://pheromonexs.wadic.net for 20% off any size order, the rest of this week 5/27 through 5/31: ********

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