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06/11/2013, 02:57 PM

Just a quick newsletter this week to provide the community with some great news.

The first is that I just today received the custom synthesis of the missing Bliss ingredient. As I type this the component is on the magnetic mixer and should be ready in a few hours to make some Bliss. If you haven’t had the opportunity to use Bliss yet, this is your time. Its the most popular pheromoneXS blend to date and it really brings Bliss to your day. You can even pick it up as a part of the Unisexy Mix and Match pack.

Check it out here: Bliss Now In Stock!

Please keep in mind though, all orders with Bliss wont ship until Wednesday even if ordered before the cut-off time on Tuesday.

With that in mind, did you know you can choose FedEx before 4 pm CST and have it shipped the same day in most instances. I do everything possible to get the orders out the same day whenever possible. Its tough to say when the mail will pick up but with FedEx its an established time. This is not a promise however, as some circumstances are beyond my control. When I can though you can be assured your order takes priority over everything else. I want your experience to be memorable and positive:).

Just a reminder I’ll be heading to Spring River Arkansas to do some camping, floating on the river and other fun stuff. All orders on Friday will need to be in before 11 am to ship out that day. Any orders after 11 am and Saturday will ship on Monday. Thanks for understanding.

I started my own forum because I really want a group of like-minded to begin researching some of the more exotic molecules I use in my blends and also have access to. The community is open to all and we already have some amazing members on board. Its super small but as time passes it will grow.

I’ll be releasing all my new XS blends over here for now on. If you want to get on board with testing new and exotic molecules you’ll need to show your dedication to research. All the molecules will be named and available to those serious enough to test them.

Check it out today:

That’s all the news for today. Enjoy your day:)


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