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Sent 04/05/2013, 12:00 PM

Hi there

 It happens to the best of us… and it just SUCKS.

 Sometimes its right in the middle of an important conversation with your significant other, a business relationship, your boss or just about anywhere anytime.

 It could have happened right in the middle of a minor disagreement or a friendly chat with an acquaintance. It’s definitely happened with your siblings and parents.

 What started as that important conversation is misread as unimportant chatter. Your boss tells you there’s not time for shenanigans and to save that for the bar. Your husband laughs at your very serious, to you, request to start going to the gym or take up college again.

 Your parents tell you to stop being silly and think about a good career as a doctor.

 Its the same story of people misreading our queues and taking our passion for laughable antics or worse. Misread a minor argument in a relationship and it could very well lead to a breakup!

 Luckily, as fellow pheromone enthusiasts, we have personal tools that can help us garner the proper response.

 With ConnectionsXS beta-Androstenol spray you can easily overcome misunderstandings while building a deep and meaningful conversation that will leave a lasting imprint. Its all about clarity and ConnectionsXS is exactly the right product for creating a near hypnotic experience.

 Exclusive to newsletter subscribers only: Now purchase either Connections  or Flirt 10 mL and be automatically upgraded to a 15 mL. Add both to your cart and I’ll upgrade both.

 No coupon necessary! Just leave me a comment of where you saw the deal and it will be our secret.

 You can count on getting your message across with ConnectionsXS.

Pheromone Connections

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 P.S. This offers expires Midnight Sunday 4/7 CST or while supplies last

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