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09/28/2013, 11:33 PM

There are those things in life that we form a deep belief in. Some find this in relationships, spirituality, writing and many others avenues. What matters more than what you believe in is does that belief leads you to a greater good? It shouldn’t be a selfish one, but a greater good for all. When you interact with others, through socializing, the Internet, facebook, even this newsletter you should always leave more value than what you took.

Imagine what a wonderful world this would be if instead of attacking others for their beliefs, we embraced differences and made efforts to understand. Taking the time and effort to understand something we don’t elevates our personal levels of consciousness and in the process we learn something about others and usually more often, about ourselves.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel and meet people all over the world and yet, as small of a world it really is, there are so many places I still have not been to. I encourage all of you to get off the beaten track and find those places that will elevate you. Ask yourself what it is you believe in and  whatever it is, are you doing whatever you can to make it happen?

I believe in pheromoneXS and as such I take great pride in creating blends I personally know and wear. These are creations for myself, family, friends, but most importantly our community-you.  That’s why you can be assured I am taking every step, every measure to ensure you are satisfied with the products, experience, quality and value.

Its exactly why I took great measures to ensure when your bank transaction is processed only the approval code is submitted back to the store. None of your credit card information is ever shared with pheromoneXS except the handshake from the bank signaling that the transaction is valid. Your trust in me is very important and its exactly why I went well beyond what most any other pheromone vendor does in securing the pheromoneXS store with an enterprise level SSL or EVSSL from Comodo. Its the green bar you see in the address bar of your web browser when you shop at pheromoneXS.

Its that same green bar you probably have noticed at PayPal, or most any other financial institution. Its certainly not easy to get approved for as it comes with a $250000 insurance policy that pheromoneXS is exactly who we say we are with nothing to hide. The process to get one requires strenuous verification of all your licensing from the Secretary of State where your business is registered all the way to a phone number registered with a verifiable address and everything in between. It was just another way I could show you how much I believe in you for believing in me.

You can be assured its the same steps I take to ensure the quality and standards of the pheromones I use in my blends meet my very high expectations. I deal directly with some of the most prestigious chemical companies in the United States right down to the SD40B Perfumers Alcohol we use in our blends. I took all the steps necessary to obtain Perfumers Alcohol because again I choose to honor my commitment to you to provide the very best. Its something I believe in.

That’s why for this newsletter I also wanted to announce our Exclusive pheromoneXS Contest with over $2000 in prizes just in time for the upcoming winter holidays. From now until December 14, 2013, just for participating on the DiscoverXS forum and placing an order in the pheromoneXS store, we will be giving away amazing prizes in our Exclusive pheromoneXS Contest to one lucky winner each week and one Grand Prize Winner on December 15th.

You can check out all the amazing weekly prizes including our Grand Prize of a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet and a $250 Gift Certificate by following this link: Exclusive pheromoneXS Contest

Best of all to thank everyone who has already placed an order in September, that meet the contest guidelines, I’ve entered you in the contest for next Sundays weekly prize and the Grand Prize drawing. There still plenty of time and opportunity to win a great prize though and I’m really excited to give back a different fun way. Its another way for me to show you my appreciation for believing in pheromoneXS.

Thank you
Steve Osborn


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