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09/02/2013, 10:49 AM

The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter. Its the season for flannels, fire pits and making new friends at school. Changes are a part of life and just like the seasons we can look upon change as a sort of renewal time for us.

I made some changes, for the better, to the store I wanted to quickly make mention of. I added a section now for referrals that you will now see when logged in. Its directly under the account pages and you can send an email to 5 friends in 24 hours. They’ll get 20% off their first purchase but they’ll need to use their coupon in 10 days and the total cart must be over $35.

On top of that you will get a coupon of 20% of whatever they spent!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and now am able to payback those who mention the products to their friends. Thank you:).

I have been training a friend and neighbor to help me with orders. Some of you have probably been getting notes from Jason lately. Believe me this will help me free up some time. The company is getting bigger and with more business comes more pressure to work 24 hours. Jason is a welcome addition to the team.

Each month I will feature a new "Item of the Month" on the forum. Last month it was XiSt at 30% off and this month its Desire Me Plus again at 30% off. The discount is already in the store so no need for any coupons on this. Have fun ladies. Desire Me Plus

To celebrate my birthday on 9/6 I’m giving 25% off to all newsletter subscribers all week (9/2 through 9/7 - At midnight the deal goes away)

Please use coupon code: *********

In fairness to all of our friends, and to ensure we maintain our sanity, all promotional offers will ONLY be honored during the term of said promotion and not apply before or after promotional term. Valid on in-stock items only and only retail items in the store (except Desire Me Plus - See above). Please understand I cannot discount Beta and Limited Editions or any research molecules. Its also not valid on Unisexy Mix and Match or Mixing Supplies.

Thank you for understanding our position as we look forward to serving you and continue to offer new promotions as often as possible.

This article is ©2013 by Aser Gruppe International Corp., and may be freely copied, distributed, blogged or posted anywhere under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License  just so long as the work is attributed back to "www.pheromoneXS.com" and "Steve Osborn", and the text is used unaltered.

*coupon codes are only available to our newsletter subscribers

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