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11/17/2013, 11:51 PM

Hello friends,

in the United States on the last Thursday of November we celebrate Thanksgiving. Its a holiday to give thanks for all of our blessings throughout the year. The holiday is rooted in old Native American and Pilgrim lore of two different peoples coming together, putting aside their differences and helping each other out. The moral of the story is that no matter what happens between friends, neighbors and many times even enemies, the true nature of humanity, a common undertone to foster charity and goodwill for one another, shines through.

Just last week Typhoon Yolanda brought devastation to the Philippines, but within hours of learning the scope of the storms destruction people were jumping into action. So many aid organizations, religious groups, countries, private companies and of course the Red Cross. If ever you need a reset on your faith in humanity just watch the amazing reaction of people after some type of tragedy.

pheromoneXS is so honored to have been able, with our amazing communities support, to pledge 10% of our net sales this past week to help in the relief effort. We successfully have raised a substantial amount that will be distributed to several relief organizations including the Philippine Red Cross. I want to personally extend my thanks to everyone that participated in helping us achieve this remarkable feat. I am so proud to be a part of such a generous charitable community.

We have many friends in this area of the world and I’m very happy to announce all of them have checked in. While some have lost much, they are grateful they and their families are safe and unharmed. Things can be replaced but the human element is one that is most precious.

There are many Thanksgiving celebrations throughout the world and certainly the date does not matter. Over the years I have learned to be grateful for every blessing I’ve had in my life on a daily basis. I take a moment to pay tribute for all that I have, even those things that seem trivial like a pair of socks. You very quickly learn just how wonderful socks are when you don’t have any.

While this might feel like a recurring theme of many of my newsletters, and it is, I can truly say that I am thrilled to be able to do such. Please again allow me this opportunity to say I am thankful to each and every one of you that has allowed pheromoneXS to prosper. It is because of this we are able to give back through charitable contributions when the call comes for help.

It’s because of you that we are now in week 8 of our Exclusive pheromoneXS Contest. So far we have given away a Kindle Fire Tablet, an HD Camcorder, a Gift Certificate, Professional DJ Headphones, a digital camera and a bluetooth waterproof speaker that may or may not actually be waterproof. This weeks winner has been selected but because of the significant time difference they will be alerted later today of their good luck. Best of all, I decided to select another winner for a secret prize whose fate lies in the hands of the first winner.

We still have lots of incredible prizes and four more weeks to go, including our grand prize valued at close to $1000. Remember all you need to do to be in it is place an order of $75 or more in products and post on the forum the same week. We have been having a whole lot of fun and the best of luck to all our lucky entrants in the coming weeks.

Its coupon time. To share my gratitude back with everyone for making our charity drive such a big success here is a great coupon. Its good for 30% off on anything in the Male, Female and Unisexy blends except Flirt as it is already discounted and the Unisexy Mix and Match pack. The best part about it is to honor Thanksgiving the coupon is extended through the rest of November. You read that right, Now through November 30th 30% with coupon code: ************

For Love
Steve O

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