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Customer Testimonials


New Customer :)

" I just received my mix and match pack first set! I had to leave a review already, Bobbi took the time to style the invoice and write a letter as well! Not only that they included all the samples I wanted too with free shipping! Gre at service! Great Company! "


" Between Steve O and Bobbi the customer service is beyond imagination. By far the best experience i've had, they had patience, class and knowledge. Provided above and beyond delivery. Worth the money and the time. No exaggeration, if you think it is I encourage you to invest and you wont be disappointed. Then issue the a deserved apology for doubting. "

Wow what fabulous service!!

" This is my first ever order with PheromoneXS and what a lovely surprise or I should say many surprises! First my order was shipped super fast even beyond my expections having paid the expedited option, thank you. But when I received the package and seeing a glow stick, pop rocks and handwritten note on the invoice with stickers was such a great added touch. Thanks for brightening my day. I’m so excited to try my order AND the samples you were so generous to send. I will definitely be a return customer. "

You guys are awesome

" i just wanted to let you guys/gals that you`re awesome, Leslie (i think thats the name written on the invoice) shipped my order. The joke on the invoice realy made my day, everything was undamaged, the samples, the pack of gum, im not realy sure what more i can say, i will most certanily be returning customer "

I just received my order Thank you.

" Thanks so much, I just received my order plus a hand written letter, some bonus testers, wicked awsome packaging,  something sweet  (candy bracelet) and last but not least a nicely different purple bubble wrap with a smiley ribbon.   Needless to say I was impressed... It reminded me of back when I used to sell various things on ebay, I would always add a little something extra related to their purchase.  I hope this works as I mentioned before I'm a lot out of social practice with other women, so... I guess what I need is someone to approach me lol.  I know that's lame, but maybe I should just keep things to lunch or dinner and if that goes okay there's a bunch of good movies I've been missing out on the last three years. Thanks again for the extra attention, Don ald  "

Hats Off To XS

" Thanks again to XS! Very Pleased as always with thanks to KateD and SteveO for coordinating my requests and thoughts to each other and getting me out another wonderful package. Thanks for all the upgrades and treats and steering me in the right direction and listening to my pheromone needs . A Happy customer since May 2014!!! Thanks for the tips on when to reach Steve, I will call one of these days when time permits. Loved the Lemonheads by the way...never had them before.... "

" The customer service is top notch here. Shipping is fast as well. As for the pheromones, the quality exceeds some of the other well known companies. The mones are potent and work. I like the pepper nutmeg smell a lot. Thanks XS, I wont be getting my pheromones anywhere else. "

oh yes! they'll laugh with that look in their eyes

" I earn more no matter what I'm doing while this is on me "

Fast Europe Delivery

" It took 14 working days for my order from PheromoneXS to arrive in Rhodes, Greece. The padded envelope was in excellent condition with no leakage from the BCE pack w/Sultans Oud scent and the three free sample sprays of Xist, Taboo and Ascend. The people at PXS are helpful and friendly, they value you as a customer and will strive to demonstrate this, even if it requires more of their time and it means a smaller profit for them. The products are genuine and people around you will be affected by them. I've had some bizarre behavior from others; in a bar the other day, a woman who was a few feet away suddenly faced me and started walking at me. I honestly thought she was going to slam into me before she found her composure. The self effects are undeniable and I would say this is where one must be particularly mindful. I will definitely shop again from PheromoneXS and unreservedly recommend them to anyone who is considering trying pheromone colognes. "

Can sum it up in one word... AWESOME!

" I am a new customer, and have just received my second order. The service with XS is stellar! Orders are shipped out the same day; assuming you make the shipping deadline, and it is rare to find a company that is so outwardly focused on the customer. I had a consultation with the owner about my specific situation. We spent much of the time talking about interpersonal dynamics. He of course answered my questions about the products too, and then actually down sold... another rarity for sure. I was very excited to see my order today, not just in the products I ordered, but what samples I may receive. After my consultation, I was sure the Pheromone wizard would add some new goodies to sample and sure enough, he did. It was a nice touch to receive a handwritten note as well; the little things mean a lot in customer service. I am sold on the products, but mostly the company as I know they stand behind what they sell, and put my needs at the top of the list! "

Outstanding service and products

" Being new to 'mones, you guys have made the transition easy for me in every step of the way. From the informative guides on your cool site, to the very precise descriptions you have on your quality products. All concerns were quickly resolved and I never felt neglected. Best customer service/satisf action I've ever experienced! Keep up the great work PXS team! Kudos to you! "

Customer service

" I just finished my second order, but definitively not the last... its great to be part of the pheromone never ending adventure... For me great products, and customer service The way i would like to run a business if i could have the oportunit y. For me the most positive is the quality products, ambition and the goodwill from XS and its founder SteveO. My concern is, when do this SteveO take a break and relax ? More power to an excellent runned company Thank s "

PheromoneXS rocks!

" Tried PheromoneXS once and was blown away. Products work as described and the forum was very helpful too. SteveO is very clear in his description of the products and transparent with the contents, which really helps a lot in deciding which product I wanted. I also love the samples that came with my order, though they tend to leak sometimes. Si nce I am on quite a tight budget, I really appreciate the the discounts and occasional sales. As for shipping, I use DHL as it is fast, though it is pricier than a similar DHL service offered by another supplier. Oth er than that, I have nothing but praises for SteveO and PheromoneXS. Keep it up! "


" Amazing support. AMAZING!!!! I love your products and every single thing about you. I ordered a bottle of a certain pheromone with an added scent. I didn't like the scent and I reacted in an allergic way to it. So I e-mailed them about it and they told me that I can send it back and get a new one, an unscented one. Every though it's my fault that I choose tbat certain added scent. I've never seen a company or store show that kind of generousity. I also constantly get free samples with my orders, and even the samples are amazing. Amazing results, amazing products, amazing support. The products are so well designed and blended that you'll basicly avoid every single negative effect that comes with pheromones, amazing quality.¨ 1 00 stars out of 10. "
Amir Daoud

Customer Service

" You don't come across customer service like that of SteveO and the gang often, and when you do you appreciate it. I started my pheromone journey with XS products, and don't think I will buy from anyone else anytime soon. "

Amazing Service

" Only one word i wanna say for XS Team and that word is "Amazing", this my 3rd order come fast with perfect condition. All of u have a good hands to keep the product on a Top Quality. "

You Guys Rock

" Not only did I order the 15mL upgrade for one the products, I got 2 free 3mL bottles. You guys rock, I'm already feeling the good vibes. 5/5 rating "

Great Customer Service

" Thankyou for the speedy and personal customer service. You all are real people, thankyou. 5/5 Stars "

" These are some of the strongest and most consistently effective phero products I've used for such a reasonable price. I really like that a little goes a long way and I can get months of use from one bottle. My fav products are Temptress, Flirt and Bliss. I enjoy both the self-effects and the responses from others. I am also really impressed with the level of personal attention and care demonstrated in each shipment I've received. Thanks for an awesome service. "

" Honestly, I'm more of a skeptic person when it comes to trying out new things. That was the case with Pheromones too as it literally took me about five months to get my first order in and that was because I was looking for different companies to see the best price and quality and actual reviews. The thing that caught my eye most was XS. After I got my order I tried it for a couple of weeks and bam, that's when I noticed things really started to change between me and a girl I'm crushing on; lots of openness and playfulness towards me and a boost to the status. I'm not saying pheromones could achieve this alone as it needs some personal self-work too but they do give a boost, and a noticeable one. Definitely gonna order again! Thank you Steve and XS for creating these opportunities! "

Great service!

" Thank you so much for being a true pleasure to do business with! I've been placing orders with your company for the past six months and each occasion has left a positive impression. Communication, quality of products and shipping are top shelf! Consistently so. Your business practice of putting the customer first is bar none. I couldn't be any more pleased and will keep coming back. -Blessings and prosperity to the pheromoneXS team always. "

extremely satisfied

" Great service!! My personal question answered so fast than any ol shop in my experience, off course with great friendly attitude and extra bonus Super fast delivery!! I' m from southeast asia but the package delivered only for 7days from america Must buy item!!! The most important thing, the product is something you must have item at least once in your life. Great value for super performance, you can expect a result from day one, in my experience Great Job Team! My respect all yours :) "
Daniel M

Holy lightning fast Batman!

" So I'm minding my own business when an unbeatable deal pops up on site XS. So I make an order after midnight Fri night and opt for the $3 shipping, which turned out to be free with x amount of $$$ spent. So I'm thinking, I can wait the extra days/week, right? Saturday I get a shipping notice and MONDAY it's in my mailbox - DELIVERED! Now, I'm in the US, so yeah, I'm in the home country, but really?!!! My package came in an envelope rather than a box - PINK envelope mind you, cuz Imma gurl :D and everything arrived just as safe and sound as the priority shipping box. XS is always crazy generous with their products - I mean stupefy you awesome. The hand written notes, the great little extras - and sometimes even the crazy stuff that makes you wonder how Steve can be so generous and still turn a profit! Thanks Steve - and all of you - for being as amazing as you are! "

PheromoneXS Awesomeness

" This is the BEST pheromone store you will ever come across, for the following wonderful reasons: -T he products are amazing! Seriously potent. The variety is excellent, and you can see how much thought and care is put into the creation of these blends. Quality scents and great diffusion technology really enhance the product appeal . -The service is absolutely first class. Steve and staff provide such a friendly, attentive and generous service to their customers. Orders posted in 24hrs. Packages given a personal touch. Great discounts offered regularly. PheromoneXS really gives back to those who use it. -Visually informative presentation. You can see what each blend will offer you with a mere glance at each page. -This place thrives on innovation, experimentatio n and, above all, positivity. "

OUTSTANDING service from XS!!

" Since I discovered XS I got the feeling that this was the right place for me! Top quality products that meet our expectations, 'lightning fast' postal services, real people who will help you and answer your questions anytime you need them. On top of that SteveO always includes in our orders samples (even FULL sized products!!), which are always welcomed and add value to the total package!!! All I have to say is: Thank you XS, keep up your good work. "

Great service Magnifico

" Bought Taboo and Love boat from XS, it got lost in the traffic no fault of Stevie O and XS. Live Down under our Postal service at times is well lets say not up to par. Made another order a short time after, and to my AMAZEMENT i received my lost Taboo and Love boat courtesy of XS free along with the initial order. Now i was gobsmacked, XS didn't have to do it but they did. I will be forever a customer of XS . Best Customer Service by a Phero company by far, products a very good as well! Now that's how you keep a Customer! Keep up the great work guys. "
pete from down under

XS Happy Customer

" Some positive feedback from a company that really cares about it's Customers. SteveO Idle KateD & XS Team are fast at processing your Order on the day, and sent out by Courier. Included is professionally discreetly wrapped parcel with surprises inside. Samples of other XS sprays included. Very high dosage, Top notch XS Mone products, that do the job, that they are supposed to. XS also offers Specials, Coupon Codes, Reward Points, Discount Shipping Express and USPS, Product Upgrades, Exceptional Communication & Customer service from XS team, terrific value for money and large range of Mone products to choose from. Fully integrated Web-site for desktop computers, mobile devices, loaded with accurate descriptions, and details of all XS Mone products. They just can't be beaten. My favourite company of all time. Just Order a few times and see. And checkout our Discover XS Forum. Lots of info to read and learn from. Happy times for all. Magpie "
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