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Holy lightning fast Batman!

" So I'm minding my own business when an unbeatable deal pops up on site XS. So I make an order after midnight Fri night and opt for the $3 shipping, which turned out to be free with x amount of $$$ spent. So I'm thinking, I can wait the extra days/week, right? Saturday I get a shipping notice and MONDAY it's in my mailbox - DELIVERED! Now, I'm in the US, so yeah, I'm in the home country, but really?!!! My package came in an envelope rather than a box - PINK envelope mind you, cuz Imma gurl :D and everything arrived just as safe and sound as the priority shipping box. XS is always crazy generous with their products - I mean stupefy you awesome. The hand written notes, the great little extras - and sometimes even the crazy stuff that makes you wonder how Steve can be so generous and still turn a profit! Thanks Steve - and all of you - for being as amazing as you are! "
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