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08/09/2013, 01:05 AM

I once heard someone say, “It doesn’t matter what you want in life, whether big or small. It takes the same effort to think about the big ideas as it does the small ones.” On the wall in my lab is a sign that reads, “It takes the same effort to think across the room as it does to New York City.” Both simple phrases with a powerful message.

I do my best to live in this moment and create the reality I want. As everyone does, I have views that shape my perspectives and thus my world. I am however willing to change my views often. As I live my life, I learn my life, and therefore many opportunities appear that challenge my perspectives.

I do not accept any viewpoint until I have fully tested it. There is no progress without change and no growth without renewal. When I perceive the better I must let go of the old. In the past when I allowed goodness into my life, I wanted to keep it so I held onto it. I was satisfied with my present good, but unsatisfied with my present! I had to learn to master my present state so that my present state would not master of me. It took many years and today, life is my lesson.

I use my emotions to help guide me and my inner convictions largely control my thinking. When I feel good about something I know I am on the right path. When something is bothering me, well its time to reevaluate. Every once in a while I climb to the top of a tree to make sure the path I forge through the forest is in the right forest. I know so many people who think of their daily chores, the trivial little tasks in life, that they barely have time for a deep thought. A thought that will set them free from the trivial. A thought that will take them all the way to New York City, the Grand Canyon, Paris, Rome, an island in paradise.

The things we think about most are the things we create in ourselves. How many deep thoughts do you have a day? When was the last time you took a moment to dream? Your thoughts can be the catalyst to a world of beauty, prosperity, whatever you desire or they can be the contagion of the mundane. If you believe yourself to be sexy, confident, successful, happy, those around you will believe also. Your conviction in yourself is the vehicle you travel your road on. Your road is created by your thoughts and your emotions are your navigational guidance system.

The power of thought is the most important aspect we have and its what sets us apart from all other living species on our vast beautiful planet. Think yourself a positive outcome, whatever situation you’re in, whatever life you choose. Set goals and strive to achieve your goals daily. Every step you take ask yourself will this take me closer to my goal or further away. Live your life like I know you deserve. You are amazing, incredible and worth everything you desire.

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I have a couple quick, but important announcements this month for you:

pheromoneXS now happily accepts Bitcoins for any transaction. Simply select the Bitcoin option at checkout just like you would for credit cards, PayPal or moneyorder. I’m super excited to be able to offer this intuitive new payment method to the community.

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Each month I’ll be offering a “Product of the Month” on the community forum: There will be a banner ad on the forum displaying the product and community members will see an announcement on how to take advantage of a special discount just for them. This month its open to everyone browsing the site, even non members.

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