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Sent 05/13/2013, 11:56 PM

Spring is in full bloom and as the weather changes the outdoor festivals get into full swing. This week is the International BBQ Cooking Championship, down here in Memphis, TN. As a social guy I love meeting new people and take every opportunity to do so. My BBQ team came in 6th place overall last year for whole-hog and we are hoping for at least a repeat, if not better. The bragging rights are fun especially for a group of guys who are there more for the party if anything at all.

As you know I value you and the trust you have put into me to get your order out the door as they come in. I literally stop whatever I am doing and put you as my priority number one to ensure a speedy delivery. You can depend on orders shipping out the same day before the mail has picked up, or right up to 4 pm for FedEx.

However this coming Wednesday through Friday, May 15, 16 and 17 the cutoff time for FedEx will be 2pm CST (GMT -5) instead of the regularly scheduled 4 pm. Here is a handy link to help you in determining the Current Memphis GMT time. Orders after cutoff time will be scheduled to ship the following day.

30 mL upgrade now available: On select products I’ve started to make available upgrades to 30 mL sizes in place of the 15 mL sizes. These upgrades are deeply discounted to be only a couple more dollars than the regular 15 mL upgrade sizes. I already rolled them out on Desire Me + for the ladies and  XiSt for the guys.

Reviews: I value your honest opinion and appreciate everyone taking time from their busy pheromone enhanced lives to provide such. Not everyone likes to read or participate on public forums so to encourage more reviews, I am offering a bonus of 300  ($3.00) reward points for each approved review. Please understand, regardless of great or not so great, the only requirement is honesty. Just login to your store account and post a review on the products you know and love. Once approved, after a short period to prevent spam or abuse, the points will be automatically added.

Limited Editions: XS100 and XiSt (formerly XS105A) have all made the jump from beta testing blends to Limited Editions where you can find them now. A Limited Edition blend might spend a couple of months in this stage before heading over to the regular products.

Congratulations to Exotica, Domination Oil and Odyssey. After extensive testing as Limited Editions these products are now available as regular products. You can be proud knowing that your reviews assisted in determining the fate of a pheromone product. Together we are driving the pheromone science forward!

Unisexy Mix and Match: Great news here friends. As a testing opportunity before it is added to other areas you are now able to choose three products from the Unisexy category and the third product is deeply discounted. If its a success in this area I will consider adding it to all areas of the store.

Bliss: One ingredient had to be custom synthesized at the lab and I have been assured it should be done within a couple weeks. While its a minor (less than 10%) ingredient in the blend, it plays a major role in making Bliss the most popular product I offer. I was taken by surprise when I learned the lab was no longer offering it unless I had it custom made, which I did.

I ask for your continued patience and apologize for it being out of stock in the interim.

Weekly Podcast: I just finished recording the very first one to air shortly. As soon as the editing is complete you’ll be able to access and download it for both Android and iPhone. Updates to follow shortly.

I’d like to personally thank you for an amazing journey. I am a very lucky guy to have such great friends and clients. That’s all the site news and releases this time around. Thanks for reading through and until next time, have a wonderful remainder of spring.

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”
Albert Einstein

Be Happy and Enjoy Life
Steve Osborn

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