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Please read with an open mind.

As a regular peruser of “pick up artist” (PUA) sites, an avid reader of psychology and self improvement books, I’ve contemplated how limiting the singularity of a title is. The connotation associated with PUA doesn't excite me, while perhaps it might have in the past. As I matured, as if scripted in those very books, grew beyond a mere tittle.

This is a topic most men are not willing to discuss.

We are bombarded with the same marketing hype that subjugates women as objects of sexual desire and men as their conquerers. The “average” woman is portrayed with a perfect body and radiating sex-appeal. The “average man is tall, with the body of a guy who spends 8 hours a day in the gym. A fantasy world created for our senses, rather than our sensibility.

I began reading literature on seduction because I believed it was the only thing that would cure my shyness around women. I watched from the sidelines as all my friends engaged in sexual relationships and I wanted in. The seduction books taught me that women were to be conquered. I was to become cocky, the alpha male, a jerk, create an attractive persona and build a circle of friends. To use negs and take her ego down a notch.

Being a jerk to women, was the most successful tactic I used to gain access to sex.

This is a subject most women will automatically disagree with and say, “Not me”. Nobody wants to be treated poorly although not always apparent. Some of us repeatedly connect with a jerk, while others can never find Mr. Right. We search out that in life that which makes us happy but we never quite get there.

That’s because happiness cannot be obtained from an external source. What I discovered on my journey to become better with women was that I first must become better with myself. I was dependent on specific outcomes, a certain type of emotional reaction to my line. The more I delved deeper into seeking pleasure from external sources the more I became less happy.

You are amazing and beautiful just the way you are. You already radiate the warm loving kindness to light up any room. Your body is perfect in every single way. Find the happiness in yourself first and happiness from outside will find you too.

Your time is right now. Smile and be happy knowing that you love yourself. Your happiness is a choice dependent on only you.

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