Beta and Custom

Thank you for your interest in our Beta and Custom Pheromone sprays. Your endeavor into this area sets you apart from other pheromone users. It symbolizes your sense of adventure, willingness to blaze forth a path, to be the first. Today you are on the very leading edge of an already exciting science.

Like yourself, at pheromoneXS we are all dedicated pheromone enthusiasts who understand and appreciate the immense power of influence. Our passion is the driving force to advancing this technology while our commitment to our growing research community is to never sell a blend we don’t personally wear and love. It is this know-how, that is only be obtained through experience, that sets us above the rest.

We are the only known pheromone enthusiast run company to create Custom Pheromone sprays to your specifications. Our hands-on approach integrates your vision with our experience and skill. The merging of science and imagination has never been this accessible before. We are excited to now share this experience with you.

Blends area are listed under two categories:
Beta Testing: A crowd-sourced pheromone research experiment.
Discontinued: Where blends go to die!

Important Information!
There are NO SAMPLES available. Each product is created in “Limited” supply specifically for research and development purposes. You can earn a discount on all Beta and Custom pheromone mixes by posting on DiscoverXS. We're crowd-sourcing pheromone science and want your input. Start sharing your adventures, insights, research and opinions with others dedicated to advancing this amazing technology. Join us today!