Pheromone Molecules - Research

“Research Grade” Pheromone Molecules

The pheromone molecules in this section are available only to researchers and serious enthusiasts looking at pheromone usage through a more scientific approach.

pheromoneXS believes in “crowd-sourcing” pheromone research, phenomena, ideas and journals thus creating a dedicated community at We’d love to have you join our community and help expand the reach of pheromone usage beyond the typical “attraction/sexual” blends available.

Pheromones, or ectohormones, are hormones that work outside the body. Closely associated with odors, in humans, they are chemical signals that all animals produce designed to influence or change the behavior of another animal of the same species.

Directly linked with emotional changing behavior most people believe pheromones are only used for enticing sexual behavior. Pheromones, when properly blended, can elicit any human emotion including trust, fear, socializing, aggression, arousal, respect, happiness… Essentially any human emotion can be replicated through chemical signals.

This area of the pheromoneXS store is dedicated to the research and development of such molecules. We have chosen to make available these molecules primarily to researchers of our community at a deeply discounted rate. However in the interest of advancing the science, and for an outside perspective, we also make them available to others in a limited capacity.

These pheromone molecules are protected by a numbering system to shield their identity from competitive sources looking to make a buck from our community sourced research. They are available as a courtesy only for the dedicated researcher and enthusiast.

pheromoneXS sources all of our “Research Grade” Pheromone Molecules in this section from a laboratory in the USA, You are assured these are of the purest regent grade quality and every molecule before accepted into our community sourced research project undergoes scrutiny to ensure health and safety. We have on staff and/or consult a Doctor of BioMedical Sciences, Chemist, Neuro-Scientist, Doctor of Psychology and various others.

Each molecule comes directly from the certified USA laboratory with a Certificate Of Analyses (COA) and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to ensure compliance and health safety. However to protect the identity of trade secrets, research both ongoing and past, the actual chemical compound identities have been shielded. Your only recourse, if you are not comfortable with these conditions, is not to purchase or participate in any way with our research.