Pheromone Putative - Alternatives

Alternative “Putative” Pheromone Molecules

If you’re in this section of the pheromoneXS store you are most decidedly very curious or a seeker of knowledge and truth. Either way your journey has brought you here and here is the right place for you to be.

As pheromone enthusiasts and hobbyists XS has dedicated the greater part of the last decade to advancing the science of human chemisignal social/sexual interactions. As such we are committed to fostering the development of “real-world” results that when partnered with our interactive science model allows for a unique insight that can only be gained through the open sharing of information. It is therefore a desirable act that information flows back to our community of researchers so that the science itself can be advanced.

We believe it is because the unselfish and generous efforts of a growing dedicated community, XS is able to offer some of the finest pheromone blends available. As enthusiasts we understand the frustration that can ensue when marketing and profits trump research and your favorite putative vanishes without explanation. Your research, your passion and determination to discover the elements necessary to improve your social/sexual interactions should be rewarded not used as a marketing tool.

With a collection of over 100 alternative pheromone molecules available, a dedicated research community and extensive personal testing, now you can have an alternative source for your favorites. It is our belief that we have matched up these alternatives so when the next “rolling blackout” comes along you have a dependable source you can rely on.

The matching of putative pheromones is based solely on personal and community experiences and therefore opinion thus cannot be guaranteed to be accurate or factual. The knowledge used to make these assumptions has been openly shared on our research community: and as such we encourage you to share your insights to further advance the matching of other alternatives.

We are of the opinion, through our research, some molecules listed here are 4 to 6 times higher in concentration than their putative counterparts. Because this is subjective to individual testing we recommend keeping this in mind when selecting a concentrate. You might be pleasantly surprised how little you actually need of your new alternative source.

Have fun and be happy!