GOALS: Graphical Olfaction-Advantage Leveraging System

GOALS: Graphical Olfaction-Advantage Leveraging System

Welcome to GOALS, a revolutionary idea that will change the way you view pheromone products.

Choosing the right pheromones are the first steps on your journey, and like any beginning, having the correct map makes all the difference. You’ve done your research, found the best store, checked the reviews and are ready to make your purchase. With your map in hand you are excited at the prospects of your future. However, you are faced with a problem, and its a BIG one. Where is the map taking you?

Often in our life we are faced with crossroads on our journeys and can only hope we take the right path. Having a map can make this task all the easier, but many of us blindly follow along. We never stop and ask where is this map leading us?

Over 5 years in the making the pheromoneXS Graphical Olfaction-Advantage Leveraging System™, GOALS is the future and its here now! Our groundbreaking system is designed to take the guesswork out of choosing pheromones and deliver the right products to accomplish your GOALS.


The at a glance interface provides a Graphical representation of the blends prime and secondary emotional responses that are triggered with its use. We’ve included other pertinent information such as projected durations, the best time of application such as day or night and recommended dosages. The interface is your complete at a glance view of each product that provides a comprehensive image of what to expect from any XS product without having to read a single word.

Legend - Pheromone Goals

Stacking the odds in your favor might be illegal in Vegas, but not in the game of life and love. You can bet, with absolute certainty, the people who are born beautiful take advantage of it, just as those born with higher-intelligence do. Understanding the game and what to look for is tantamount for your success.

The Olfaction-Advantage lists represent a broad scope of recognized behavior associated with the emotional responses that formulate our GOALS. While subjective, the lists form a basis to gauge behavioral patterns and adjust usage therewith. There is a direct crossover between all Olfaction-Advantage lists, but in an effort to emphasize primary effects only those most often associated with the goal have been listed.

We encourage you to develop your own Olfaction-Advantage lists. With little time and effort you can expect patterns to emerge which will serve as your personal guide.

Leveraging System
Pheromones work every time without exception or discrimination. The more exposure you have to the people around you the better your leverage be to gain success. We typically see most success elements arising from situations involving strangers. This is usually the result of interacting with more people than your direct circle.

Like our Olfaction-Advantage lists, we are only suggesting the most common scenarios where one is likely to see success. Leverage is a guide and should be used as such. Finding yourself in the exact situation as we have presented is unlikely. Therefore creating possibilities through exposure allows for greater success. You will not meet your soul-mate at home while watching TV. Get off the couch!

Directions: How to use GOALS to search for products in 3 easy steps
We made GOALS easy to use with only three steps needed to identify the ideal pheromoneXS product for your situation.

The first, and the most important step, is to form a clear picture of what exactly do you want out of pheromone usage:
What am I looking to accomplish with pheromones?

Having a clear picture in your head of the results you are seeking begins the process. The answer can be as candid as finding love or getting laid, as normal as wanting to advance in your career or life, or as complex as overcoming a bad-breakup or getting out of the friend-zone.

Whatever picture you hold as your outcome, it needs to be defined with an emotional response, leading us to our next step:
Define the emotional responses associated with a successful outcome

The situations we might encounter, as mentioned in step 1, appear to be completely different. We like to believe what happens to us is unique and that nobody else really gets it. We’ve all heard it, and probably said it, “you just don’t know how it is for me.” The reality is that every situation has an underlying connection of powerful emotions that are the same for all of us. We might experience those emotions differently but they are the same emotions.

We have therefore taken each emotion and categorized them into 8 emotional responses as attributed to pheromones. They are: Content, Excited, Optimistic, Friendly, Happy, Courageous, Loving and Pleasurable.

Understanding these emotional responses we’ve strategically labeled each of our 8 GOALS to correspond with them:
Calming * Engaging * Status * Social * Playful * Flirting * Intimate * Sexual
Use our handy search-filter to see every product that matches your GOALS

GOALS are the guiding factors of our lives and reverberate into every corner of our existence. Understanding them is the difference between not knowing where you are headed or living a passionate life filled with amazing friendships, incredible opportunity and undying love.

3 easy steps to discover the possibilities of a life full of XS!


Pheromone Duration


This goal is most likely to prompt an emotional response such as one associated with contentment: a state of happiness and satisfaction. 

Physical Closeness
Lingering Glances

Successful leverage when used in potentially stressful situations or where anxiety might hinder interactions. Can effectively be used to promote closeness and touching from both strangers and acquaintances. Potentials in meditation, attraction, dating, and sexual interactions.

Molecules with Calming like effects:

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This goal is most likely to prompt an emotional response such as one associated with excited: very enthusiastic or eager. 

Pleasing Behavior
Increased Eye Contact

Successful leverage when used for developing character and leadership skills. Effective as stepping blend for shy person before transitioning to GOALS associated with Status. 

Molecules with Engaging like effects:
Androsterone Sodium Sulfate

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This goal is most likely to prompt an emotional response such as one associated with Optimistic: Hopeful and confident. 

Perceived Leader
Trusted Decisions
Sought After

Successful leverage when used to build trust and respect and create an aura of confident leadership. Particularly effective when used to promote self-worth and confidence. The type of person that is okay with themselves and is recognized as such.

Molecules with Status like effects:

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This goal is most likely to prompt an emotional response such as one associated with Friendly: Kind and pleasant.

Approached Often

Successful leverage when used in gatherings and public events.  Best results are typical when the setting is more relaxed and conducive to free flow conversation. However, there is potential for increased conversation in strained relationships or tense employment situations.

Molecules with Social like effects:

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This goal is most likely to prompt an emotional response such as one associated with Happy: Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. 

Sensual Touch

Successful leverage when used at parties, off-time from work, social settings or carefree applications. Ideal for dating, intimacy or sexual relations, but can also have an uplifting effect when depression is present. The juxtaposition in this instance would be quite reveling.

Molecules with Playful like effects:

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This goal is most likely to prompt an emotional response such as one associated with Courageous: Not deterred by danger, courageous. 

Consistent Eye Contact

Successful leverage when used in social and carefree settings such as coffee shops, dining, shopping or social gatherings. One can expect to often times be approached, increased smiling and small talk. 

Molecules with Flirting like effects:

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This goal is most likely to prompt an emotional response such as one associated with Loving: Feeling or showing love, great care.

Showing of skin
Gazing Eyes
Prolonged Touching
Attentiveness - Moving in close when speaking
Eye Batting
Skin Flushing

Successful leverage when used as a showing of mutual respect, friendship and love. Will elicit feelings of bonding such as between couples, but also can create a reevaluation type effect. This type of response occurs best when there is a lackadaisical approach to the relationship going beyond friendship. Relax and enjoy the friendship.

Molecules with Intimate like effects:

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This goal is most likely to prompt an emotional response such as one associated with Pleasurable: Pleasing, enjoyable.

Biting lip, exposing tongue, touching hair
Crossing legs, Stretching, body movements exposing skin
Skin flushing, loosening or adjusting clothing
Dilated pupils, blinking, blank stare
Laughing at everything, even when not funny

Successful leverage when used in sexually charged environments such as bars, clubs or anywhere it is expected to be approached. However an interesting aspect is when worn inappropriate locations such as a religious service. The reactions can be as plentiful, but perhaps this is because its not expected. 

Molecules most associated with Intimate like effects:

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GOAL Icons

Pheromone Duration


PheromoneXS takes great pride in our formulations and their even diffusion characteristics.
Diffusion will sustain evenly throughout the “Duration” period, with diminishing effects typically in the last 1-2 hours.

Pheromone Duration


The sun pours forth the light of day, and, in that light there is a certain sharpness of the imagery around us. PheromoneXS products displaying the “Sun” icon are aptly suited for daytime hours and the transparency they provide. (When both the sun and moon are present blend can easily transition from day to night use

Pheromone Duration


The moon, the mirror for the sun’s elusive night time rays, bathes our surroundings in subtle, misty shades. PheromoneXS products displaying the “Moon” icon are best worn to help guide the soft tides of the evening’s subtleties.

Pheromone Dosage in sprays


The coolest thing about YOU is that you are singularly unique in the universe, just like the PheromoneXS brand. Recommended number of “SPRAYS” is based upon real-life testing & feedback, however, actual rates may vary given personal physiology and environmental conditions. Use “SPRAYS” as a suggested starting point to determine your singularly-unique personal experience which may warrant a little more, or a little less – you be the judge.

Pheromone Dosage in drops


If individuality of character is the magnetic charge which attracts others to us and guides our interactions, then PheromoneXS products might be the electricity which accentuates that charge. Physiology and environment always lend to personal experience, so use “DROPS” as a beginning point and watch as the world around you reacts. Vary your uniquely-you amount; a bit more for intensity, or a little less for subtlety.