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Lab Supplies

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Each order will contain 10 pipettes! 3.5 mL Pipette (plastic) for mixing and blending pheromones. Pipettes are perfect when you want to create your own pheromone blends. These are dis..
Each order will contain 6 gloves for 3 total uses! 3 pack (6 total gloves) of disposable Nitrile: 6 mil, black (powder and latex free) lab gloves to ensure a sterile environment when you're cre..
This is a plastic scoop that is 3 inches in length and ideal for scooping dry components. Made of polystyrene it has a capacity of approximately 1 gram (This greatly depends on the component..
This tapered spatula has a 5 inch handle and is made from polystyrene. These are perfect when hand mixing liquid ingredients such as pheromones when magnetic stirrer are not available or an option...
Each order will contain 10 applicators! This is a small 2.5 inch Polystyrene Applicator designed for hygienically test, mix or apply make-up or skin care products. This disposable applicator is..
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