Pheromone Molecules

Pheromone and Research Molecules are single pheromones that allow you to create and design your very own pheromone blends. Your skin becomes a virtual canvas as you mix and match expertly dosed single pheromone molecules to create a different custom blend daily.

You become the scientific researcher as you craft your wears to meet your specific expectations creating perfect blends that only you will ever know. These single pheromones are only meant for the advanced pheromone user. Unlike a pheromoneXS blend that is perfectly balanced designed to elicit specific results using multiple single pheromone molecules, these may be one ingredient in a blend.

It is highly recommended that on your first foray into pheromones you select a blend from our retail products. Typically, the novice will find these single pheromone molecules as overly complicated and thus unable to be used properly. Please join our pheromone research forum for community sourced information on pheromone usage.

Pheromone molecules

If you're really serious about experimenting and looking to take part in our blind molecule testing please have a look at our Research Molecules.

Pheromone and Research Molecules are not retail products and each molecule is individually crafted for you by design. The molecules are here for the serious pheromone hobbyist and enthusiast and pheromoneXS offers no advice on how to use such. Understand that by purchasing any Molecules you assume all risks and liability in handling raw pheromone molecules.

Anything purchased in this section is “as is” without warranty or return. All items in this area will delay your total order from shipping for 1-10 business days. pheromoneXS will not separate any orders of retail products and pheromone molecules unless they are ordered separately. Use at your own risk!