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What Our Clients Are Saying

Vibe is my favourite by far. I have tried quite a few, and nothing hits the same way. Every time I wear this, I am in a great mood, and everyone else around me is too. I have more confidence and smile a lot. It makes me feel like I did when I was ...

~ Jenn

The customer service was quick and easy. They accidentally sent the spray not the oil and they responded within a day saying I could keep the spray and that they would send me the oil too. Great service!

~ Reid

I bought this last year and now have a child. Im not sure if there is any correlation but I wore this and my wife begged for me to finish in her.


I purchased the unscented but it smells like cheese. I thought I read a previous review saying the same thing, although they said it 'dissipates' after a while. I tried wearing this a few times and I cannot stand it. I covered it with my own per...

~ Corinda

It truly is the bridge mone.
It's not at all LIKE Core but sort of works in the same way. Use like it's a-1 for younger girls.
It makes mixes play well with each other.
Can't belive they have it.
Thank you.
I also forgot about the Xanax cheer...

~ Dblr

Gotta love p75
SO GLAD it's in stock, I got 2.
Big sexy boss man vibe. Better able to be consistent/congruent with this one.
Tone it down a lil with some p96 and it's I have a crush on big sexy boss man.

~ DblR

Wearing SC with innocence and inbetween got me super awesome customer service and compliments on my appearance- on a day where i thought i looked pretty casual :)
Lots of hyping up and sweet words from women and accommodating behavior from men.

~ LegendaryCharisma

DOMINATE Hi I’m Dave from Australia I have confidence issues with women when I wear dominate my confidence is back I’m talking to women a 10/10 high quality perfect gym walking women in hot pants.Women are smiling to me and communicating this Domi...

~ David

Absolutely perfect! <3
I was hesitant so I got a sample of this scent & it's by far one of the best scents I've ever smelled! Normally I don't like warm sweet smells but this has changed everything. it's like a sweet flowering chocolate th...


i like this molecules it does take anxiety away and lift your mood up it kindof has a androsanone smell but goes away when it drys it does everything you said it does i like it will be ordering moor you guys are great thanks kenny

~ kenny

Real pheromones, by real pheromone enthusiasts

pheromoneXS is an independent business headquartered just outside Memphis TN which has been offering our high-potency pheromone blends since 2011. Established by a pheromone hobbyist and enthusiast with one very simple mission: only sell the very same pheromone blends we personally use. 

Our unique pheromone blends available to everyone, however you identify, are hand-crafted in small batches with reagent-grade ingredients. Designed to enthrall the emotions and captivate the senses XS blends pack powerful, but consistent results into every spray.

Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to turn heads entering any room; Meet new friends and lovers, turn friends into lovers, gain the respect of your peers, be the influencer. XS blends will help provide you with all the incredible opportunities you deserve right at your fingertips.