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SKU: Evolve-10ml-Spray

  • GOALS-based target effect statement: Makes a strong, highly Sexual statement well balanced with Flirting tones and Intimate warmth.
  • How the world will perceive you: Raw sexual energy what's around you in an air of ultra confidence. Electro-magnetic pulses wrapped in soft complements flow from your every move. You are the skilled lover who leaves no region unexplored, but your flirtatious approach tempers the inner beast and opens the door to her most intimate desires.
  • Best environments & what to expect when wearing: A must-have when hitting the club, bar, or party! You easily Evolve into that sexual magnet with the fun, flirty warmth of intimate encounters leading to a raw, sexually charged climax. Women will know it the minute you arrive and your calming casualness will drive them wild... as you drive them home!.
  • When to use: Day or Night: Perfect for those Night time sexually charged environments like clubs, bars, or parties.



Life Evolves, so join the Evolution!

Through a combination of some of the most powerful and widely used sexual pheromones to attract females, along with our proprietary ‘social’ blending technology, we are able to bring you Evolve-XS, a primordially sexual masterpiece with subtle social overtones, designed to alluringly entice her in and then ravage her all night long.

Evolution is generally defined as gradual development into a state of refinement and sophistication over that which previously was. And, while it is an ongoing process, to Evolve also implies retention of the basest sexual cravings derived from whence we came.

Subtly tempering those highly erotic instincts, Evolve-XS conveys the ever-unfolding you, keen and socially adept with a leading air of curious refinement, patiently waiting to reveal the true bestial hunger that lies within.

You will find the encounter developing gradually, unfolding into a raw, almost insatiably devolved need for a deeply animalistic encounter, which will expand her world and reveal her deepest sensuality.

She’ll immediately sense that, underneath your smoothly packaged exterior, there lies a primal sexual energy yearning to be unleashed, and she will want to be the one who is there to receive every ounce of it.

Evolve-XS is highly energetic and intensely sexual, yet tempered by a refined air of cool social sophistry that will drive her carnal fervor through the ceiling.

As powerful as it is, we recommend one spray, but our Founder – SteveO - the animal that he is, has worn as much as three or four when going out clubbing.

You get all the benefits of raw, magnetic, carnal power while captivating the attention of women everywhere, all in one product.

Ready to join the Evolution?


Cover Fragrance

All pheromoneXS pheromone products ship UNSCENTED BY DEFAULT unless you specifically add a cover scent by selecting one as an option. Pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors and, as such, may not be pleasant smelling to yourself or those around you. pheromoneXS believes you should have a choice in what you use as a cover scent and offers a variety to choose from.

Please remember while pheromones use masculine/feminine molecules to steer the blend toward specific results, they can and are worn by anyone. Hence the option to fragrance a blend with male or female fragrances or leave it unscented by default.

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Product Information

Technical Details
Primary GOALS



AndrostENONEAndrostANONEAlpha-AndrosteNOLBeta-AndrosteNOLEPIandrosteRONEDehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate, Allo-THDOC, ESTratetraenol, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

XS blends contain unlisted proprietary pheromone components.


28mg Per Bottle / 348mcg Per Spray




SDA-40B Ethyl Alcohol


Fine Mist Sprayer



Recommended Dosage

1-2 Sprays


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