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Androstenone (ENONE) SPRAY
Androstenone (ENONE) SPRAY
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AndrostENONE Pheromone Molecule

16, (5α)-ANDROSTEN-3-ONE


5α-Androst-16-en-3-one (Androstenone) is a pheromone found in human sweat and urine. It has been widely studied and is the first human pheromone to be identified. Typically used as a sexual component in most commercial pheromone blends this molecule has been determined by our community researchers and scientists to garner best results when tempered with other pheromones.

While sexual in nature, Androstenone is also associated with alpha dominance, sexual drive, health, respect as well as aggression and anger. Androstenone when used correctly in pheromone blends promotes strong sexuality to confident sexiness.

Studies have indicated Androstenone usage to display signs of arousal in females including flushing of skin, sweating and increased body shifting. It has also been linked to aggression, stress and anger created by poorly mixed pheromone blends. These blends are the result of pheromone vendors who do not even use pheromones unfortunately.

Don't be fooled by Internet Myths such as:

  • Highest pheromone content allowed by law
  • Competitors use pig pheromones
  • For expert users only
  • Secret Formula
  • Contains “all four” pheromones
  • Only blend allowed to be sold with 25X concentration
  • Blah, Blah, Blah

At pheromoneXS we are all passionate pheromone users dedicated to creating blends that we personally wear daily. We understand pheromones and how to properly temper any adverse effects because we have experience using them. You can trust pheromoneXS because we promise to only sell blends we use and can honestly say we love. We suggest experimenting while having fun and living your life to the fullest.


pheromoneXS AndrostENONE is available in 10 ml or 30 ml bottles as multiple different concentrations which you can select from 12.5 mcg per spray up to 500 mcg per spray. Bottles come with Perfumers Alcohol (SD40B) as diluent time set with 10% Dipropylene Glycol (DPG). Whichever strength you select, you are sure to get the full potential of the pheromone molecule. Perfectly blended pheromone mixes are now in your control enabling you to effortlessly create your own pheromone masterpiece.

10 and 30 ml Spray Bottle with atomizer, custom designed to your concentration specifications, will produce approximately: 10ml = 80 sprays / 30ml = 240 sprays. Each bottle consists of AndrostENONE pheromone molecule in solution of 90% Perfumers Alcohol (SD40B) with 10% Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) and are ready for immediate use.

Each spray will contain the requested dosage with a possible differential of up to +/- 6%

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Biol Psychol. 2007 Mar;74(3):405-13. Epub 2006 Nov 22.

Interpersonal defensiveness and diminished perceptual acuity for the odor of a putative pheromone: androstenone.

Kline JP1, Schwartz GE, Dikman ZV.

PMID: 17118515


This study assessed the relationship of repressive coping and defensiveness to the perception of androstenone, which is a putative human pheromone with relevance to social perception. In Experiment 1, 34 men and 34 women between the ages of 16-28 sniffed pairs of bottles containing silicone (the solvent control) paired with either isoamyl acetate (IAA) or androstenone in an eight trial, two-alternative forced-choice task. Participants chose which hand they believed the odor was in, and rated the odor's intensity and their confidence in their response on a 0-10 scale. Defensiveness was measured with the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) L scale. As predicted, defensiveness was associated with decreased perception of androstenone, but not IAA. Decreased detection accuracies, confidence, and intensity ratings for androstenone were associated with high defensiveness. The effect was stronger among women. None of the IAA detection variables correlated with the L scale for either women or men. In Experiment 2, 22 women and 18 men between the ages of 18 and 27 were given 4 concentrations of IAA ranging from subthreshold to suprathreshold, and a blank-blank control. Detection accuracies, confidence ratings, and intensity ratings for IAA were not related to defensiveness for any of the concentrations, for either men or for women. The results are discussed in terms of motives to seek social approval and avoid social disapproval as they may relate to diminished awareness of androstenone.


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Are androgen steroids acting as pheromones in humans?

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In animals, chemosensory communication is successfully used to transmit behaviourally relevant information, e.g. information about sexual status, danger and social organisation. In many instances pheromones might have evolved from hormone-like substances. Consequently, a large number of studies have been carried out in humans, in order to investigate possible pheromonal properties of androgen steroids. Besides discussing the production and perception of androgen steroids, it will primarily be questioned whether their perception can alter mood and behaviour in humans. Therefore, a study has been carried out to investigate whether local preferences can be altered through androstenone exposure. It is shown that heterosexual women and homosexual men prefer seats sprayed with androstenone. However, as this effect is positively correlated with the sensitivity to androstenone, the effect might be due to a general olfactory attraction of low androstenone concentrations. In regard to the conflicting results of studies on putative human pheromones, it will finally be discussed whether the perceptual context and the individual learning history of the perceiver contribute significantly to a successful communication of pheromonal information.



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To obtain information on the possible role of the vomeronasal duct (VND) in odor perception and human pheromone detection, the present study investigated different aspects of olfactory function, including thresholds for androstenone in adults with or without detectable VNDs. The study also examined correlations between detection thresholds of androstenone odor and general olfactory function. Subjects' olfaction was assessed with tests for odor identification, odor discrimination, and phenyl ethyl alcohol odor threshold. Measurements were performed on 1 side only, with and without covering the VND. Subjects with or without detectable VNDs did not differ in olfactory sensitivity or androstenone odor thresholds. A small but significant correlation was found between detection thresholds of androstenone and general olfactory function. Finally, covering of the VND did not affect olfactory function or androstenone sensitivity. Results suggest that the human VND does not play a major role in sensitivity toward odorants or the perception of androstenone.

(c) 2003 APA


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Positive relationship between menstrual synchrony and ability to smell 5alpha-androst-16-en-3alpha-ol.

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To explore the possibility that compounds which were identified as pheromones in experimental animals mediate human menstrual synchrony, we examined the relationship between menstrual synchrony and the ability to smell putative pheromones, 5alpha-androst-16-en-3alpha-ol (3alpha-androstenol) and 5alpha-androst-16-en-3-one (5alpha-androstenone). When we examined menstrual synchrony among 64 women living together in a college dormitory, we found that 24 (38%) of them became synchronized with room-mates in 3 months. Afterwards, dilution series of 3alpha-androstenol and 5alpha-androstenone and the control odorant (pyridine) were presented to the 64 women and sensitivity to the odors was compared between synchronized and non-synchronized women. No difference was found between the two groups of women in the detection threshold for pyridine, indicating that general olfactory ability did not differ between them. The detection threshold for 3alpha-androstenol of synchronized women was significantly lower than that of non-synchronized women, but no difference in the threshold for 5alpha-androstenone was found between synchronized and non-synchronized women. These results indicate that the women who showed menstrual synchrony had a higher sensitivity to 3alpha-androstenol but not necessarily to 5alpha-androstenone.


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Androstenone is a boar pheromone. and has also been found within different human body fluids. However, it is still unclear whether it carries pheromonal information in humans and whether it contributes significantly to the complex human body odor at all. Some humans fail to perceive the odor of androstenone, but most of these anosmics can achieve sensitivity by daily sniffing. The following study was designed to investigate whether sensitivity to androstenone influences the perception of body odors. Four females osmic to and four females anosmic to androstenone attended two EEG sessions. Anosmics were successfully sensitized to androstenone between sessions. CSERPs (chemosensory event-related potentials) were obtained while subjects perceived their own body odor and a male body odor within an olfactory oddball paradigm. The CSERPs showed a general decrease in amplitude from the first to the second session except for the sensitized anosmics in response to male body odor. The results indicate that the sensitivity to androstenone in females is associated with a stronger brain response to male body odor.


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[Battle of odors: significance of pheromones for human reproduction].

[Article in German]

Grammer K1, Jütte A.

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The significance of odours for human reproduction is partially neglected by medical sciences. Nevertheless, it can be shown that male pheromones (androstenol/androstenone) from male sweat have a direct impact on female menstrual cycles and ovulation. Furthermore, female pheromones (copulins), which are present in vaginal secretions, influence male perception of females and may induce hormonal changes in males. The mutual pheromonal influence between the sexes is discussed as a result of sex-specific reproductive interests which are a consequence of evolutionary constraints.


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Human (Homo sapiens) responses to the pig (Sus scrofa) sex pheromone 5 alpha-androst-16-en-3-one.

Filsinger EE, Braun JJ, Monte WC, Linder DE.

PMID: 6744816


Previous studies have suggested that the pig sex pheromone 5 alpha-androst-16-en-3-one may function as a human sex pheromone. Two hundred male and female college students were assigned to one of four odor conditions (androstenone, methyl anthranilate, skatole, and a no-odor control) and were asked to rate photographs of a male stimulus and to rate their own mood in the presence of each odorant. There was a significant overall sex by treatment condition interaction. Men in the androstenone condition rated the stimulus male as more passive, and women in the androstenone condition rated themselves as less sexy; these effects were specific to the androstenone condition.

Pheromone Molecules
Molecular Name 16, (5α)-ANDROSTEN-3-ONE
Documents pheromoneXS is striving to provide our valued clients with data sheets on every named pheromone molecule we sell, so you can buy with confidence. We are continually having each molecule assayed by independent third party laboratories like Sigma-Aldrich, Steraloids and Intertek. Accessibility to this data is an ongoing project that we are committed to, however not all components have been completed yet. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Synonyms 16-(5α)Androsten-3-one, 3-Keto-5α,16-androstene, Androstenone, enone
CAS Number 18339-16-7
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C19H28O
Molecular Weight 272.43
Melting Point 139-141˚C
Application 5α-Androst-16-en-3-one (Androstenone) is a mammalian pheromone found in male boar saliva, human sweat, and human urine. Androstenone is considered an alpha male sexually aggressive pheromone, but is present in both male and female humans. Male humans produce much more than their female counterparts. Creates sexual arousal.

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