About pheromoneXS

Who is pheromoneXS?
Founded in a spare bedroom in Munford TN in 2011 pheromoneXS was established with the simple premise of making pheromone blends that worked. Our founder Stephen Osborn, affectionately referred to as SteveO, is a pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist who only wanted a product that worked as it was advertised. His drive and passion created the XS brand from humble beginnings.  

We’ve been growing ever since and now have corporate and fulfillment presence in 2 countries with many additions planed.
You can read Steve Osborn's bio and history with pheromones and meet the rest of Team XS here: Team XS Bio

The evolution of pheromoneXS:
It was mid 2007 and after years of hit or miss results from blends that cost more than his weekly “going out” allowance our founder was more determined than fed up. A guy whose not known for his quiet reserve or doing things small, he jumped in head first and started experimenting with pheromone molecules. As history would reveal, his initiation into formulating blends, would change the world of pheromones forever.

The blend was ICM and the first time he wore it a beautiful young lady came and sat right next to him and by the end of the conversation his faith in pheromones was solidified. Each time thereafter the results were exceptional, but it just couldn’t be that easy. Everything he had read from others told him he had to be congruent and to only expect the in your face “hit” on rare occasions. But ICM was working all the time and the hits were BIG! Unsure if it was an overactive imagination at play or if his first blend was awesome Steve O was determined to put it to the test of the community.

He set up a small one page website called AtomScent and sent out invitations to everyone he had come to admire and respect. The feedback was astounding and confirmed the results. Out of 20 trials all but one touted ICM as one of the best blends they ever used.

The pheromone community was small and intimate at the time and word soon quickly spread. Requests were pouring in and not really interested in setting up shop he freely gave the formula to Androtics Direct to sell as one of their experimental test mixes. And so the famed ICM became the legendary MX301 and history was made.

It was several years later in October 2010, with numerous successful blends already attributed to him, that Aser Gruppe International was founded in Tennessee as a corporation. Steve Osborn’s unique ability to masterfully combine his extensive knowledge and unique formulation skills kept his pheromone blends in constant demand. While not averse to selling them mostly at cost, his big heart had more blends given away for free, and so at the bequest of his tax preparer, the corporation was created. At the very least he could get a tax deduction if he was going to go broke doing what he loved most!

It wasn’t until July of 2011 that the next phase in the evolution of XS was born. This iteration took the name of massageXS where our world-famous massage oils were sold along with only two pheromone blends. They were Cohesion and Desire Me oils. The shop provided the freedom and necessary funds to continue with his passion of creating pheromone blends that worked while also not in conflict with his consultancy.

A year had passed and massageXS was successful beyond his wildest dreams. Expecting a steady, but small level of sales, he would fund his passion while his craft as a consultant would keep him discussing theories and helping others achieve their goals using pheromones. This critical point in our history laid the foundation of our values.

A free-spirited, carefree attitude that allowed innovation and ideas to incubate and grow while recognizing the individuals contribution is the essential base of our success. For one to be truly happy they must discover that happiness is an internal state. It is only through this happiness and the willingness to share it that one can truly serve and from that service a community would rise.

While the values at the Heart of XS began to form, it was also the time for a dramatic change to occur elsewhere. The small company feel he had willingly joined as a consultant was, in his opinion, being systematically replaced by a faceless corporation more interested in profits than community. His consultancy felt stifled and untenable and so the transition from massageXS to pheromoneXS began in earnest.

What had begun as an enthusiastic hobby to create pheromone blends that worked for himself is now an international corporation. We’ve stayed true to values at the Heart of XS and our commitment to only sell pheromone blends we are proud to personally use.