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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



PheromoneXS - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I. All About Pheromones

1. What are pheromones?

A pheromone is a chemical signal that naturally occurs in all animals, including humans, that changes the behavior of anyone exposed to it. Pheromones are hormones that work outside the body, called ectohormones, and are triggered by many types of behavior including, attraction, respect, bonding, trust, and sexual arousal to name but a few.

These naturally occurring chemicals can be typically found in human sweat and thus abundantly on our skin. Think of pheromones as silent messengers working to signal those around you of your trustworthiness, that silent bond between siblings or a mother and child, the thrill you get when your crush enters the room. They can also signal fear, anger or rejection.

A layman's way to describe pheromones is to use the stages in puberty in children. They have so many hormones running through their bodies during this transitional stage in their lives, what the body doesn't require to function is secreted out through their glands. They are essentially screaming at others that they are so full of these hormones their body can afford to throw away as sweat the excess. In other words they are so rich and healthy in hormones they are virtually telling everyone around them to look at them. In that respect, pheromones can be looked on as the bling of the bodies hormones. We adorn ourselves in gold and jewelry to proclaim status and the body adorns itself in pheromones to do exactly the same.

2. Do pheromones have a smell?

The easiest answer is yes, pheromones have a distinct smell. Considering pheromones are essentially synthetic (lab created) body odors some pheromones smell worse than others. There are those among us who can detect even the slightest application of body odors and others who barely detect them at all.

Some pheromones have a more pronounce odor than others and may not be very pleasant to you or those in your company. A common pheromone Androstenone, is easily detected where as another common social pheromone such as Alpha-Androstenol is barely detectable. Those who are able to smell it say its a light refreshing odor and very pleasant.

You don't need to smell pheromones to be affected by them. In fact there are only a handful of those who can truly smell pheromones but its about the emotional responses of others that counts.

3. How do pheromones work?

There has been some debate over the years and the VomeroNasal Organ VNO is right in the center of it all. While animals and humans both have the VNO, it has been widely accepted as scientific fact that the human VNO is a remnant of ancestral left-overs and not an active organ. While this is correct it does not discount that humans are still able to detect and create an emotional response to pheromones like any other animal.

It is believed in the pheromone community and leading research scientists in the olfactory study that pheromones engage the human senses through our sense of smell. Our sense of smell is directly aligned to the hypothalamus which controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue and most importantly emotional and social attachment like partnering and sexual relationships.

This is exactly why major hotel chains use olfactory sensing in their marketing. If you've ever remembered fondly a vacation by smelling something like coconut, vanilla, or hundreds of other scents you are a victim of olfactory marketing. Its the same thing when you smell a particular type of suntan lotion and all those memories of the beach come flooding back. Coppertone smells exactly the way it does all these years so that anytime you smell it you remember the good times you had while wearing it

Just like good marketing pheromones work under the same basic principles.

4. Are these animal pheromones?

pheromoneXS does not use any animal pheromones. We are an animal friendly company and none of our products are tested on animals or harm animals in any way. We use reputable specific labs in the USA to obtain only synthetic human pheromones and are always provided Certificate Of Analyses COA. We cannot however promise these sources have labs/facilities outside the United States, nor can we speak for their testing practices.

Some fragrances contain grist and/or musk.

5. Why do I need to use pheromones?

All humans naturally produce pheromones, but mostly this process is done through sweating and other body odors. When our bodies produce these odors that help us signal our health and fertility, in modern society it is impolite to stink, therefore we use soaps and other chemicals to wash ourselves and colognes to further change our natural smelling selves. Its a never ending cycle to appear more attractive by removing the bodies natural system to signal that attractiveness and replacing it with synthetics that, while smelling pleasant, do nothing to signal others of that same attractiveness.

We could enhance our own pheromone output by increasing our physical activity and sweating a lot and then not showering, but more than likely this would lead others to avoid us.

That's where synthetic pheromones from pheromoneXS come into play. Our carefully balanced blends are the perfect solution to boost your natural pheromone signature. Now, instead of just being one of the crowd, you can make a lasting impression and stand out with our super potent pheromoneXS blends that provide you with the answer. While others blend into the crowd as one of the faceless you'll be recognized as the leader, the sexy one, the fun or flirty one. Whatever your fantasy, whoever you desire to be, you can enhance your image with pheromoneXS super concentrated blends.

6. Is there science backing these pheromones?

Yes, we have an entire page dedicated to the science of pheromones. Please follow this link:


II. How To Use Pheromones

1. How Do I use pheromones?

Just like your favorite cologne/perfume you spray one spray (in most instances) directly onto your skin. Most of our clients and friends spray wherever they normally would apply their cologne. It is a common practice to apply to the neck, wrists, chest and other pulse points on the body. It is not recommended to apply directly to clothing as pheromones are concentrated body odors and can permeate into the clothing itself. It is best to apply directly to exposed skin.

It is recommended to only use one spray of the pheromoneXS brand. Our products are about 60 times stronger, on average, than most other blends and multiple sprays are not necessary. When pheromones are working properly applying more will not amplify those effects. It is possible to actually repel people with multiple applications or cause an effect called ghosting. This occurs when you are wearing to much of a pheromone blend and the effect is therefore unbelievable to the normal human psyche. When this happens the person affected, rather than act on the emotional impact, completely ignores the signal instead. pheromoneXS blends are very powerful in most cases you only need one spray and that spray lasts all day/night.

2. How long do pheromones last?

Our pheromone sprays are super concentrated in 10 mL or 15 mL sizes and in many instances up to 60 times more powerful than the competitors 30 or 40 mL bottles. Depending on the environmental factors like wind, heat, inside, outside you can expect an even distribution of spray pheromone blends over 6-8 hours. The oil blends should last 8-10 hours.

We feel it is important to inform you though that many of our client friends have reported much longer lasting results.

3. What pheromones should I buy?

At pheromoneXS we believe in choice. Every blend is a delicate balance that enhances and magnifies the wearers own attributes while also filling in the gaps missing from your personality.

You can be yourself and do what comes naturally and pheromoneXS will do the rest. If you have questions or need help in selecting a blend give us a call on our pheromone hotline: 901-328-6433. Its your direct contact to us and its our pleasure to help you.

4. Can I Mix & Match pheromones?

Get the Results you want with pheromoneXS easy Mix and Match System. You don't have to settle on one size fits all! pheromoneXS blends can be easily mixed and matched to create the exact effect you want. Its like having your very own personal pheromone designer at your fingertips for whatever the occasion.

5. Can I use my own cologne/perfume with pheromones?

All pheromone XS pheromone blends come by default UNSCENTED unless you specifically add a cover scent by selecting one as an option. Please remember that pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors and as such may not be very pleasant smelling to yourself or those around you. pheromone XS believes you should have a choice in what you use as a cover scent and only offers cover scents as an option. The choice is your decision, just how we like it.

6. What are the fragrances you use for men?

We currently offer 5 unique designer fragrances made especially for pheromoneXS.

FXS: Unbeknown to me, as a child, my neighbor had been a fragrance designer for International Flavors and Fragrances in NJ. When he left the company to set up his own, my father had completely outfitted his laboratory. When I took my father for a visit back to the town he raised me and him knowing my business he took me buy this gentleman's lab and sure enough it was still there and even better he remembered my father very well. What occurred was a world-class fragrance made specifically for pheromoneXS that's been compared to Issey Miyake although I have never personally smelled it.
Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Moss
Middle Notes: Citrus
Top Notes: Spices

Fresh Musk: This was the culmination of of one of many attempts of mine to create a fragrance I could wear and like. I'm not a guy who is big on colognes, but that's only because I've never been able to discover any that work well for me. Every time someone told me I should try out a cologne because how great it smells, I'd never get the same results. For whatever reason it just didn't work for me, so being the creative type I decided to make my own.
Base Notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Cinnamon, Musk
Middle Notes: Lemon Grass, Cedar Wood
Top Notes: Amber, Rosewood, Juniper

Sultans Oud: This product was literally designed for and used for many years by a recently departed member of the Royal Saudi Family. It was made in small batches to meet a one person demand and when that person no longer needed it, because of death the remaining supply was made available to me. I took this as an opportunity and now present it to my clients and friends. I've been promised that it can be made in the specifications and supply to meet my demand exclusively to pheromone XS community members. 
Base Notes: Patchouli, Pine Dark Amber
Middle Notes: Lavender, Vanilla, Sandalwood
Top Notes: Musk, Grey Gris

Nobility: This brand new fragrance was actually included with FXS so I could run tests to see which one the community liked better. I just thought it was another bottle of the same. I really like this one as well and I'd have to say its another world-class fragrance added to the line. The new fragrance has elements of Incense, Cinnamon, Citrus and amber.

Pepper/Nutmeg: This one is pretty simple actually. Its a delicate blend of pepper corns blended with Nutmeg. When I initially began making my own pheromone blends I wanted a fragrance that accented the pheromones while not overbearing. What developed was this blend and I can assure you there are elements at play that make this my favorite and most often personally used.

The peppercorn is associated with heat and pepper has historically been used to "open" the nose. Pheromones are known to work through the olfactory sense. This creates a two-fold approach using the pepper to one open the sense to work more vigorously in conjunction with the pheromones and to invoke the sense of heat. When a woman associates heat with a guy the brain is not distinguishing whether she is thinking he makes me hot look wise or pepper wise. Women are also emotional and thus the emotion of heat again trumps to logic of pepper heat. 

Nutmeg historically is associated with warming comfort of hearth and home. Again you have warmth, another term for heat directly associated with the wearer. Another aspect of Nutmeg is the diffusive properties are better than anything I have ever experienced. There is some debate on using citrus as a diffusive property over nutmeg but in numerous unscientific tests by myself Nutmeg always won out in silage and diffusion of the mones. The debate comes from the element that nutmeg has incredible anti-bacterial properties. However in almost every case of citrus used as a diffusive property for pheromones, they all contain a higher degree of anti-bacterial properties.

There's quite a bit more to discover with this one, but I always like to leave it to the user to decide for themselves.
Base Notes: Peppercorn
Top Notes: Nutmeg

7. What are the fragrances you use for women?

We currently off 3 unique and inviting feminine fragrances for women

AXS: Also known as Pure Feminine Mystique this delectable fragrance is as mysterious as it is warm, feminine and inviting. Its been described as seducing, soothing, breath taking and is sure to entice the men around you, both acquainted and those wanting to be acquainted. Its rich, yet gently soft notes have touches of amber, jasmine, greens, Cashmeran and Vanilla.

Jasmine/Vanilla/Citrus: Perfect for a summer eve or romantic getaway this amazing high quality jasmine has notes of Jasmine, vanilla, grapefruit and bergamot. Incredibly whenever we are making a blend with this one we have to clear the room of the guys. They quickly forget their work and start to flirt with their female coworkers. Combined with the pheromones this one is certain to leave the guys in your life wanting more. Steve has professed his love for this one time and again.

Amber/Rose: A simple, delicate blend of a special deep dark amber and rose. This is no ordinary rose though or rose wood, this is actual rose petals from an unnamed royal garden. You are going to just adore this fragrance.

8. What is the difference between spray and oil pheromones?

The simplest possible answer is the spray is based in perfumers alcohol (SD40B) and the oil is based in Dipropylene Glycol (DPG). The spray is quicker diffusing and the oil is slower.

Slow diffusion is tantamount to a more believable signature. Nobody can just walk in the room and pull their pants down and expect a non-hostile interaction. With the oil it allows the signature to gently transcend the wall most of us put up to protect us from charlatans. The oil, while significantly stronger than spray, builds up to a crescendo over time where as the spray is great for fast acting. However you'll get more push-back from alcohol because to most of us it doesn't come across as legitimate.

If we were to encounter a person who looks shady and yet have this overwhelming feeling of a deep connection with them we're going to put up a critical wall and assess the situation more closely. If however we meet the same person and over time build that impression of trust we'd be more inclined to believe it.

Something to consider though is you will notice that in every pheromoneXS blend there is DPG included. Also because the way its formulated you get just as much of all the molecules in the beginning as you do at the end. So while the spray still creates a wow factor up front, the way its formulated eases that effect so as to make it more believable. With the alcohol sprays its perfect when you need results fast like when you meet someone in front of you in line at the store. There are advantages to both. Standing in that same line with the oil it might take a solid ten to 15 minutes to get the same effects with the spray, but at that pace its also more believable.

9. Where do I apply the pheromones?

Just like your favorite cologne/perfume you spray one spray (in most instances) directly onto your skin. Most of our clients and friends spray wherever they normally would apply their cologne. It is a common practice to apply to the neck, wrists, chest and other pulse points on the body. It is not recommended to apply directly to clothing as pheromones are concentrated body odors and can permeate into the clothing itself. It is best to apply directly to exposed skin.

It is recommended to only use one spray of the pheromoneXS brand. Our products are about 60 times stronger, on average, than most other blends and multiple sprays are not necessary. When pheromones are working properly applying more will not amplify those effects. It is possible to actually repel people with multiple applications or cause an effect called ghosting. This occurs when you are wearing to much of a pheromone blend and the effect is therefore unbelievable to the normal human psyche. When this happens the person affected, rather than act on the emotional impact, completely ignores the signal instead. pheromoneXS blends are very powerful in most cases you only need one spray and that spray lasts all day/night.

10. What is inside the bottle?

Each of our special blends contain a perfectly balanced blend of pheromones crafted for one thing, real world results. Every blend is personally designed by Steve Osborn, one of the worlds leading pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist. He's not just some guy selling pheromones like most other pheromone companies. Steve is a bona fide highly regarded pheromone "junky", who personally guarantees you'll get the results he promises.

Our pheromoneXS blends contain upwards of 60 TIMES the pheromones you might get in another companies 30 to 40 mL bottle all packed into a 10 mL bottle. No need for multiple sprays or quick reapplications. The average single pheromone spray from a pheromoneXS blend can last 6-8 hours. The best part about it, you're going to spend about half of what you would anywhere else.


III. Other Important Questions

1. Who is pheromoneXS?

A small company located in rural West TN farm country, founded by Steve Osborn. Beginning his foray into pheromones in the mid 80's, Steve's initial expereinces with pheromones were anything but great. He knew there was something there and science was backing the idea, but like any good thing there are those who try to make a quick buck. After numerous attempts he decided the best way to meld the science and actual consumer products would be to do it himself.

2. Why should I buy your pheromones?

You get the know-how and experience of a true to life pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist blending the perfect pheromone products. These are not just blends he is throwing out there hoping one sticks, these are his personal blends he made for himself or the women in his life. 

pheromoneXS is the only pheromone company where the blends are made and used by a real pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist. You won't find that to be true with most other pheromone companies. While we encourage fair market practices and other vendors who provide quality products if you really want to discover who you're dealing with give them a call. After you call them, give Steve a call on our hotline and please judge for yourselves who the real pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist is. If they're not using their own products should they really expect you to?

3. Where can I read reviews about your pheromones?

pheromoneXS has many reviews available for your review right on the product pages and maintains a database with hundreds of personal emails of how our XS brand is changing peoples lives. However, pheromoneXS also believes that reviews should be independent and NEVER paid or compensated. That's exactly why we strategically aligned ourselves with an independently owned and operated pheromone review forum.

You can see these reviews on the upper right hand column of any product page or simply follow our easy clickable links anywhere you see the word review on the site. This will open a new link in your web browser where you can read real reviews by real people. If you choose you can also create your own review in our brand new research forum: www.DiscoverXS.com

4. What is your return policy?

At pheromoneXS our number one goal is your satisfaction! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your order, return it within 45 days of purchasing, and we will refund your entire purchase price minus any shipping charges. It really is that easy!

You can read our entire return policy right here: Money Back Guarantee

5. Can I get a sample of your products?

Absolutely, in fact we will be happy to include one with your order. At this time however, pheromoneXS does not send samples out without the purchase of a pheromone product. We stand behind our products with our 45 day no-nonsense return policy. We have hundreds of reviews available for your easy inspection and everything available for sale is made by a true pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist. Unlike other pheromone companies that do not even use pheromones, you can be assured these are pheromone products that work.

Whenever available, pheromoneXS will always do our best to include a small sample from our main consumer lines. We typically do not sample anything from our Limited Edition blends as the name denotes, they are Limited and for research purposes.

Samples are also not typically scented and come in an easy to use 2 mL snap closed spray bottle. Two sprays of the sample bottle just about equals one spray from our 10 mL bottle for easy comparison.

If you request a particular sample in the order comments we will do everything we can to honor that request when possible. We will even include a fragrance sampler if requested. Please do not request more than one or two samples.

6. Does pheromoneXS have specials?

pheromoneXS often provides coupons, specials and other types of sales and promotions. Please sign up for our email newsletter to take advantage of all our promotions and follow us on social media such as facebook and twitter. You can sign up by clicking our easy to follow link wherever you seek the word newsletter or by clicking here: The Coolest Newsletter Ever

In fairness to all of our friends, and to ensure we maintain our sanity, all promotional offers will ONLY be honored during the term of said promotion and not apply before or after promotional term. Valid on in-stock items only.

Thank you for understanding our position as we look forward to serving you and continue to offer new promotions as often as possible.

7. What are reward points?

pheromoneXS provides a unique opportunity in shopping and rewards our client friends with reward points on select products. Simply add one of the products from any main category like pheromones for men/women or our world famous massage oils and you will see directly above the item cost (in blue) how many reward points you will earn on that product. Bellow the item cost you will see just how many reward points it takes to get that item absolutely free.

Reward points are typically calculated at around 5% of the actual price paid and only for registered store members, Membership has its privileges! While we always respect your right to privacy and honor you as a valued friend regardless of your membership status signing up to store does benefit you this way.

You can accumulate reward points to pay for all the items in your cart or each time as a discount. Since reward points are only calculated on actual dollars spent on actual products they do not apply towards shipping.

8. How do I earn reward points?

Reward points are only available to registered store members. Reward points are typically calculated at around 5% of the actual price paid and only for registered store members. Membership has its privileges! While we always respect your right to privacy and honor you as a valued friend, regardless of your membership status, registering does benefit you this way.

You can accumulate reward points to pay for all the items in your cart or use them as a discount on your next order. Since reward points are only calculated for actual dollars spent on actual products they do not apply towards shipping.

9. How long does order processing take?

pheromoneXS standard processing times are 24-48 hours. However, we do everything possible to ship your order the moment it comes in Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Typically Priority Mail Orders before 2:00 p.m. CST Monday Through Friday both domestic and International will ship the same day. It really depends on the daily mail pickup but in most instances average pickup time is 2:00 p.m. FedEx Orders before 4:00 p.m. CST Monday Through Friday, both domestic and International, also usually ship the same day. Excluding Holidays.

Please understand the above times are estimates only and we continually reserve the right to ship orders within 24-48 hours upon payment.

10. Can I order offline/mail/phone?

pheromoneXS makes it super easy to order offline, just give us a call at 901-328-6433. If you need to, please leave a message and you'll get a call back just as quickly as we are done assisting another client/friend. It's our pleasure to help you and we look forward to speaking with you.

11. Can I pay by check or money order?

At pheromoneXS we understand and appreciate that not everybody is comfortable using a credit or debit card online. Just go through the order process exactly you would if paying by card and select the money order option. You'll get an order confirmation and  number along with the address to send the money order to.

We kindly request money orders be domestic US and USPS money orders are preferred as the quickest and most reliable. Any money order received other than from the USPS will be deposited and because our bank insists will be held until it clears the bank. USPS money orders can be cashed at the post office and will not be subject to bank holds.

At this time pheromoneXS does not accept personal checks.

12. What does my credit card statement say?

We take your right to privacy very seriously. Your preferred billing method will never indicate what you have purchased and only include our corporate name: Aser Gruppe International.

You can read our entire privacy policy here: https://pheromonexs.com/pheromoneXS-privacy

13. How much does shipping cost?

For the most accurate rates please visit our Shipping agreement at:

USPS Priority Mail Shipping

USA: $6.00

Canada: $20.00

International: $24.00
FedEx Priority Overnight 
USA: $22.00
FedEx International Priority
Canada: $24.00

International: Starts at $24.00

The Current FedEx Rates are:
USA Next Business Day $22.00

Canada $24.00

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Most of Western Europe $27.00

Most of the rest of the world $32.00

Eastern Europe / Asia $50.00


We will ship your order ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD that's accessible through the United States Postal Service First Class Mail FREE!
In the United States (including all its territories) and Canada spend as little as $34 or only $68 International and we will waive the shipping charges for this service. Thats a single 10ml bottle Domestic and only 2 International to get FREE ANYWHERE SHIPPING.

Its an amazing discount if you’re patient and have a few days to spare to receive your order. Standard delivery times in the United States for First Class Mail are reported to arrive in as little as 3-10 days, Canada and International can be as quick as 10 days or as long as 60 days.

14. How are the packages shipped?

pheromoneXS is proud to offer you two shipping options. The United States Post Service (USPS) Priority Mail, and FedEx Priority Overnight for domestic shipments and International priority for all others.

15. Can you mark it as a gift or lower the value so I don't have to pay VAT/TAX/Customs?

Please understand that pheromoneXS ships hundreds of packages every week outside the USA. We abide by all laws and will not violate any International treaties or tax codes. We are a legally registered business and will not subject ourselves to prosecution or harm in any way. All International packages MUST include a Pro-forma Invoice with company insignia.

With that in mind it is important to recognize that because we do ship hundreds of packages we understand and abide by international shipping regulations and our experience gives us a unique advantage over other pheromone companies. We follow INCI standards in labeling and clearly mark the packages and include all the necessary paperwork to quickly clear customs. This usually results in our clients/friends not being assessed VAT or additional fees.

In the rare event you are required to pay VAT or taxed in any way pheromoneXS will not be held responsible. Please ensure you understand these rules and ask questions if you would like our assistance. We are always happy to help.

Some clients have used a shipping service inside the USA only to be told they will not or cannot ship the items internationally, because they do not have the proper documentation about the product. We have taken all the necessary precautions and included all the required paperwork to the carrier before any package is shipped. Our obligation to ship Internationally has therefore been met and satisfied with the carrier. We will not supply this to outside shipping agencies or third party shipping companies you have selected.

16. What does the packaging say (is it private)?

All packages are plain white boxes or envelopes, with red and blue accents We use nothing on the box or envelopes to identify the contents, nor does it say pheromones anywhere. We use the corporate name of our licensed manufacturer and shipping agent "Aser Gruppe International, Corp." as the return address. We take your privacy serious.

17. What are the shipping times?

Domestic USA
USPS Priority Mail can average 3-5 days.

FedEx Priority Overnight is the next business day Monday Through Friday
FedEx Saturday Delivery is available as a FREE service from pheromoneXS if you have the package delivered to a FedEx Kinkos, FedEx Office, or FedEx Hub. It is your responsibility to obtain that address and use it as your ship to address and confirm with that location weekend pick up is available.

For International packages it is highly suggested you choose DHL as the shipping carrier. In most instance DHL can have your package through customs and into your hands, ready to use, in 7-10 days. It has been reported that many packages arrive within 3 days.

USPS Priority Mail can take up to 30 days and does not provide any tracking only confirmation of its delivery. As such pheromoneXS can not even open an investigation until that 30 day window has expired.

18. Do you offer affiliate commissions?

pheromoneXS does offer an affiliate program ONLY to our current clients/customers. Please follow the link to our affiliate signup page: https://pheromonexs.com/index.php?route=affiliate/login





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