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Pheromones are an ethereal experience that captivates the imagination by stirring emotions typically locked away from others. Set yourself apart from the crowd. Be noticed, be amazing!

Pheromones for men that attract women

Thanks for your interest in pheromones for men (to attract women) from pheromoneXS. I want to personally welcome you if you’re new and welcome back if you’re already part of our growing family.

As pheromone enthusiasts and hobbyists we only sell pheromones that we personally use and love ourselves. It’s our number one goal to provide you with pheromone blends that we know you’ll love, because we love them too. That’s our way of ensuring you get the absolute best pheromones for men to attract women that work and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Picking the best pheromone blends for man for the very best results!

PheromoneXS offers a wide variety of pheromone sprays and oils so you’re probably wondering which one is going to be right for you? It’s a great question and so we offer a few different options to assist you in selecting the very best pheromones that will change your life’s perspective.

We’ve made selecting the perfect pheromones as easy as understanding our Graphical Olfactory-Advantage Leveraging System GOALS. You can read all about it by clicking anywhere you see the word GOALS. The first thing you’ll want to do is establish what type of GOALS are you looking to accomplish with a pheromone blend: Looking to change a friend to a lover. Maybe climb the corporate ladder.

How about just having more sex? Our pheromones for men category allows you to select the best pheromone blend for your situation using our GOALS system and its as easy as selecting a color.

That’s right, we’ve color coded each emotional response you’ll obtain with each pheromones for men blend and we even added it to our labels. It just makes selecting the perfect blend for any occasion that much easier.

Now that you’ve established how to select the best blend for you, the next step comes in selecting alcohol spray versus oil drops. It’s my opinion this is an easy choice. In nearly every situation the alcohol spray choice is going to be your best choice and here’s why: In order for pheromones to affect those around you and provide the largest signature the alcohol has the best diffusive properties.

A great example of this is you’re wearing pheromones and you just happen to find yourself in a convenience store with a very cute checkout girl. Your interaction with her will only last just as long as you are in the process of checking out. Depending on the line, this could be just a quick minute. With our pheromones for men alcohol sprays the diffusion is super-fast and can start working within seconds of an interaction as opposed to the 15-20 minutes it takes for oil drops to begin working and only when the environmental factors are correct.

Oil blends are designed for HOT environments and especially good when the humidity is high. You’ll get the best results from oil blends when it’s hot and sweaty like in a club, bar or even at a party. PheromoneXS is headquartered just outside Memphis, TN where the summers are hot and humid, but even then unless I’m going to be outside most or all of the day, pheromone spray is still my best option.

You can read many opinions on the subject on our discoverXS community forum and in time, formulate your own. If you’re just getting started with pheromoneXS I recommend the sprays. Now that we have established the your best place to begin is with sprays we offer pheromone for men in both 10ml and 30ml spray versions. The only difference between the two are the size of the bottle and prices. I highly recommend you begin with a 10ml bottle so you not only get the feel of it, but also make sure its the right pheromone blend for your particular situation.

Sure you might save some money on the bigger size bottle, but what good will that do you if the results you’re getting are not what you are looking for. You can also save up to 25% by choosing any three 10ml retail spray bottles regardless of the category. Just add three 10ml spray bottles from pheromones for men, women or unisexy and the shopping cart will automatically apply a discount when checking out. This way, you can create your own Mix and Match pack while selecting the best pheromones for you, all the while saving some money. You can even choose Artisan 10ml spray bottles to qualify as a Mix and Match pack.

This leads me into one of the most common questions we get here at pheromoneXS: Just what are the Artisan blends? PheromoneXS is all about suggestions and community. Many of our blends under the pheromones for men category are not only derived from our personal experiences but from our discoverXS community forum members experiences as well. We value the suggestions and feedback of our community members because they’re on the leading edge of what works best.

Creating pheromone blends that work is the very foundation of our business. What better way to honor our multitude of customers, who we consider friends, than to create new and interesting blends based on their suggestions? Often these very blends become amazingly popular and loved by all. However we might already have a blend for trust and respect such as our male staple, Ascend. Rather than having two, or three, blends with similar descriptions and GOALS such as Ascend and Dominate Ascend we would then add Dominate Ascend to the Artisan category. This way we maintain our retail staple and can still offer an alternative version without confusing anybody.

I will always suggest beginning with the pheromones for men 10ml spray versions so you can familiarize yourself with our most popular and trusted blends.

At pheromoneXS we hand formulate every single batch of pheromone blends in small batches just like we always have. It’s important for us to know you’re getting the same love and effort today as you might have 10 years ago when we began. Because we still formulate by hand you can rest assured you’re going to get the absolute blend to fill your needs.

Now that we’ve established using the GOALS system or seeking out community advice on our discoverXS community forum to select the best pheromones for men blend there’s yet another way too. You may call us and we will be happy to assist you with recommendations, tips and tricks in selecting the right pheromone for you.