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SKU: Temptress-10ml-Spray
  • GOALS-based target effect statement: Prompts Engaging interactions driven by highly sophisticated Status signals across all Social environments.
  • How the world will perceive you: You are seductively alluring in the restaurant, sophisticated and driven in the boardroom, and passionately feisty in the bedroom. You're at ease being in control and, most importantly, you make no excuses for it. There’s that hush when you walk through the door and though every man desires you most are too timid to even look you in the eyes. Women are enchanted by the air of fearless confidence you hold as you eloquently glide through the room with all eyes fixed upon you. You bear the aura of a powerful woman who gets what she wants out of life.
  • Best environments & what to expect when wearing: Temptress is for the daring and adventurous woman! It embraces all the dynamics of your strength and confidence while accentuating and broadcasting your capabilities. Guys might be a little intimidated by your overwhelmingly seductive radiance, but usually, all it takes is a hello to get them talking.
  • When to use: Day or Night: Day into Night, boardroom to the bedroom. After all, you are in control!


Don’t be fooled for one-second: She has a secret

She has men staring at her wherever she goes. Not just ogling her looks but slack-jawed, head turning, this woman is right off the pages of that magazine or movie screen kind of looks. She gets what she wants, when she wants, and nobody dares whispers behind her back. That is, unless they are secretly admiring somebody they want to be or have in their life.

She’s the hottest, most appealing woman at the party. There’s that hush when she walks in the door. Every guy wants her, most are to timid even to look her in the eyes. Women are enchanted by her, an air of fearless confidence, she glides through life.

She is independent and embraced for her daring approach as she takes on whatever the world has to offer her. Free-spirited her smile lights up the room, but she is more than just raw-sexual prowess. She is elegant and yet humble. Formidable, she is capable of leading a company of men, even if they believe its a man’s world.


Introducing Temptress-XS, redifining the alpha-woman!

Because there is a moment in every woman’s life she just takes control! Before you even consider using Temptress-XS you must ask yourself are you ready. So, are you?


Temptress-XS is designed for the stunningly confident alpha-woman.

This is not your average alpha-pheromone blend that is designed for men but made to fit a woman. This is the worlds first pheromone blend that is specifically designed to empower women with an alpha-leader radiance that is sure to turn heads. You will be recognized as confidence personified when wearing Temptress-XS.

Some women, frustrated by the lack of empowered-female pheromone blends, have turned to products designed for men with unfavorable results. Its understandable, because pheromone blends made for men are not the solution. They are masculine and a woman can appear bitchy, spiteful and overbearing even when she is not. A smile can be misconstrued as a weakness and congruency will be tested repeatedly.

Temptress-XS embraces all the dynamics of a strong confident woman. It accentuates her capabilities while balancing any shortcomings. You get the aura of a powerful woman who gets what she wants out of life.
The woman who wears Temptress-XS is alluring and seductive in the restaurant. She is Sophisticated and driven in the boardroom; passionate and feisty in the bedroom. She’s at ease being in control and most importantly she makes no excuses for it.


Temptress is intoxicating, alluring, tantalizing much like Desire me is but its also strong confident and tenacious.

On top of that its been a long while since I got self effects from anything and I do with Temptress. It feels really good on which just enhances your own personality all the more.


Angelina Jolie radiates gutsy elegance that screams sex-appeal. Marilyn Monroe effortlessly seduced any man she wanted. Temptress-XS pheromone blend now gives you that same power, all the sex-appeal, the gutsy elegance, the seductive “temptress” that can not be ignored!

Perfectly balanced between sultry “temptress” and intensely secure this is the pheromone blend that will get you noticed at work and play. Designed for the woman who recognizes her own beauty and talent Temptress-XS will leave them breathless.


What sets “Temptress-XS female pheromone blend” apart from the rest

and is it the right pheromone blend for you?

Selectively chosen pheromone molecules combined to elicit an aura of a secure confident woman whereas not underpinning her with masculine traits that can cause bitchiness, cattiness or worse arrogance! Temptress-XS portrays you as fiercely successful, confident woman radiating hotness that will have every man stopping in their tracks and every woman dying to know your secret.
It has been called the master blend of self-effects and woman everywhere have sworn its the most powerful pheromone mix they’ve ever worn. You will have a certain air about you as you saunter through the day gaining everyones attention and you will attract attention. Unlike masculine pheromone molecules though, you will be seen as the super-hot temptress that has it and knows how to work it. Most importantly though you will feel the power you yield with Temptress-XS. It packs a punch that needs to be used cautiously.


Self effects were great. Put me firmly in the driver's seat and I took the lead in many ways.You can guess who was on top Wink. He was VERY into it. Made me very devilish. Temptress is a very apt name for this blend. This could be my favorite Alpha blend for the bedroom.

How Do I know Temptress-XS is working and will I need to act other than normal?

While Temptress-XS is not magic, you’ll sure feel like it is as it becomes apparent the reactions others around you have in your presence. You’ll, more often, find yourself the center of attention and attraction. Every guy will want you and secretly your girlfriends will want to be you. One of the many benefits of Temptress-XS is that only the confident, secure guys will act on those feelings to attract you.

It will feel like you are gliding through the room as all eyes are on you. A glowing warmth of super-hotness will radiate outward presenting you with countless opportunities, opening doors, breaking down resistance, overcoming all challenges. Of course you will still need to interact with others, but the “temptress” is always ready, willing and able to take advantage of whatever life has to offer. You might discover just how well you actually fit in with the Temptress-XS mindset.



Temptress-XS is not for the shy or self-conscious woman. This is a powerful intense pheromone blend created for the woman who is daring. Guys will look, but in most instances they will be intimidated by the overwhelming seductive radiance you possess. Temptress-XS is the pheromone blend for the adventurous woman, secure enough to make the first move. Usually all it takes is a hello to get them talking.


How others will describe the woman who wears Temptress-XS:

  • Daring
  • Fearless
  • Adventurous
  • Radiant
  • Seductive
  • Hot
  • Confident
  • Elegant
  • Secure
  • Bold
  • Feisty
  • Gutsy
  • Strong
  • Charming
  • Driven
  • Passionate
  • Irresistible
  • Sultry
  • Sexy
  • Alluring
  • Engaging
  • Fierce
  • Spirited
  • Tantalizing
  • Relaxed
  • Sure
  • Searing
  • Striking
  • Social
  • Quality

Why I created Temptress-XS?

My goal was to create a pheromone blend for any one of the empowered women in my life to be able to wear, whether at dinner, the office, or even the gym. It’s exactly what you get today with this leading edge formula comprised of 9 unique pheromones. Temptress-XS is the pheromone blend of the future in your hands today!

My girlfriend at the time, an amazingly fun carefree young-woman with a strong sense of well-being and incredible confidence, sensed she was being judge for her looks and not her capabilities. She was well-aware of my hobby and knew perfectly well how she reacted to certain pheromone blends so she asked me for some. I provided her with several good consumer products but she always said they fell short of what she expected.

It wasn’t that they didn’t work, they just seemed to amplify her attractiveness rather than accentuate her abilities. She already was comfortable with how she looked, she just wanted something that made others like her for being her. Remarkably most guys think and say the same thing about women. Maybe we’re not so different after-all! I put my thinking cap on and went to work.

Over the years I would create and she would provide me the necessary feedback I needed to get it right. I became accustomed to all the tweaking until one fateful day she stopped contributing details. After a week I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing, its perfect. It was delivering everything she had wanted. People were respecting her, trusting her and liking her for who she was, but there were side effects. Uh-oh what kind I asked? She sat back, and explained very matter-of-factly that she felt great. It was as if everything she wanted others to experience in her presence she also felt. She said she felt like a “temptress”.


I have never felt so alive, so vibrant in my life. When I walked in every guys neck was broke looking. My jerk boss was all of a sudden complimentary on everything I did, like I could do no wrong. The other girls kept telling me how they couldn’t believe I was still working there. It was if I was to good for them, not the typical bitchy behavior at all. I LOVE this stuff!



Getting the absolute best results from Temptress-XS


While Temptress-XS is as complete a pheromone blend for uber-strong women it is not a one-size fits all pheromone blend. I am a firm believer and advocate that we all are unique and have varying degrees of both good and bad traits. As such Temptress-XS pheromone blend for women compensates for our lacks while accentuating our stronger assets.  

Most women will agree that 1 spray, which will last up to 8 hours, is optimal but some occasions might require more. On average if you used 1 spray daily you would get almost 3 months of continued usage. Most people do not wear pheromones every day, but rather take a day or two off weekly or mix their pheromone signature up by incorporating other blends.

To ensure you get the absolute best results from your Temptress-XS you will want to experiment and discover your sweet spot. Start with just one spray and go about your day. You should continue with wearing just one spray each day for a few days. Take a day off. Next wear 2 sprays each day for a few days. Go on about your business everyday for an additional few days. Take another day off and continue with 3 or more subsequent sprays.

The idea is to discover for yourself where the best results come from. Again most women discover their sweet spot to be about 1 spray but everyone is different. If you get the same results with 1 spray as you do with 2, then stick with the one. With pheromones more is not better. In the chart below you will see that 1 spray is better than two sprays and three sprays the results are bad.

With this method you will also learn when one spray would be more effective than with more. Over time you will become an expert in understanding social dynamics as you become acclimated with Temptress-XS and what it can do for you.


Days Sprays Results
DAYS 1-2 1 SPRAY Great


The whole process can take as little as one week to accomplish. You are taking a day off in between test days to juxtapose peoples reactions to you when you are wearing Temptress-XS to the days you are not.



Each Temptress-XS bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built-in atomizer spray top containing: Alpha-AndrosteNOL, AndrostANONE, Beta-AndroteNOL, Copulins, DHEAS, Beta-AndrostANOL, Beta-AndrostaRONE, Allo-TDOC, Dipropelyne Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

  • 9 Unique pheromones per bottle.
  • Approximately just under 80 sprays per bottle.


Results last 6-8 hours at 1-2 sprays applied to clean dry skin. This product does not contain any fragrance except the natural odors of the pheromones.

By default, all pheromoneXS pheromone blends are shipped UNSCENTED. You know yourself better than anyone else and therefore the perfume that work best for you. We offer 5 distinct cover scents for women, or you can use your own favorite perfume as a cover.

Please remember however, that pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors and as such may not be very pleasant smelling. A perfume or fragrence is advised to also help exalt or lift the pheromone molecules off your skin into the air around you. This process is called diffusion. Without good diffusion a person will need to be very close to the application point to be affected by the pheromones. The more diffusive a pheromone application is the more powerful the results will be and the more people your silage will affect.
pheromoneXS uses our Advanced Diffusion Technology ADT so you get consistent results with or without cologne or fragrance.

You can read more about the importance of diffusion and silage on our community research forum. We are crowd-sourcing the research that is changing the way pheromones are understood. Come join us www.DiscoverXS.com.


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ALPHA-AndrosteNOL, AndrostANONE, Beta-AndrosteNOL, Copulins, Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate, Beta-AndrostANOL, Epi-AndrosteRone, Allo-TDOC, Dipropelyne Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).


Some of our blends may contain unlisted proprietary pheromone components.

Ingredient Documentation Please click on ingredients for additional information on the use of each named molecule in our formulas. You can learn about the molecule and their applications, including molecular name and synonyms, empirical formulas, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), as well as additional information.

pheromoneXS is striving to provide our valued clients with data sheets on every named pheromone molecule we sell, so you can buy with confidence. We are continually having each molecule assayed by independent third party laboratories like Sigma-Aldrich, Steraloids and Intertek. Accessibility to this data is an ongoing project that we are committed to, however not all components have been completed yet. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Some ingredients are subject to restrictions in Australia and have been replaced to maintain compliance.
Pheromone Content 13.80 mg pheromones per bottle
Recommended Dosage 1 to 3 sprays to exposed skin such as neck, wrists, behind ears or any spot you typically apply perfume to. Most women find two sprays are adequate to get the job done.
Day or Night Usage Best used at night
G O A L S Engaging, Status, Social
Application Hot, Hot, Hot! You're smoking hot and you know it. It isn't easy to look as amazing as you do. You show it off so good and melt every mans heart.

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Let us know what you think of our products. We want to read what you have to say whether critical or a glowing experience. We value everyone's voice and promise to do our very best to meet your expectations. It's your chance to help others decide in selecting the very best pheromone product for themselves.

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