120ml Natural Plastic Bottle - Standard Cap

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  • 120ml Natural Plastic Bottle - Standard Cap
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Perfumers Alcohol for making your own pheromone blends.
Our perfumers alcohol is 200 proof and is ready to use as is.

This item ships in 120 ml size plastic natural (HDPE) bottle with standard cap.

Important Legal Disclosures
This product can only be shipped ground and therefore can only be shipped to the continental United States. Any person obtaining more than 5 gallons per calendar year must file for a permit with the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms: Tax and Trade Bureau of the United States. If you do not have this permit we can still sell you up to 5 gallons of SD40B for your pheromone uses in a calendar year.

If you are ordering this item with other items it is highly recommended you separate your purchases. This is considered a custom order and can substantially delay your orders processing time.

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