Ascend XS - Pheromone Spray for Men

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  • GOALS-based target effect statement: Projects the energy of Social Status, promoting Engaging encounters where confidence abounds and success speaks for itself.
  • How the world will perceive you: Like you just stepped off your private jet and are headed in to close that mega-deal, you've got it and it shows! Whether it's the Board Room or the Bedroom, you're the one the women will swoon over and every guy will secretly want to be. You have attained a coveted status everyone aspires to, but few ever realize. The sweet air of success buzzes all around you and naturally draws others near.
  • Best environments & what to expect when wearing: Awesome for work or play, Ascend is the extra magic and you wield it at your pleasure creating whatever reality you want. Power, respect, prestige, social proof, acceptance, trust. You are the A-lister and you know it!
  • When to use: Day or Night: wherever you go, it's a sure bet you will get noticed in a big way.


Ever moving upwards, Ascending to your true station.
Presenting “ASCEND-XS”

Ascend male pheromone blend is an advanced pheromone formula that creates an aura of powerful yet subtle social/sexual attraction which cannot be denied. Incorporating nine uniquely balanced molecules, Ascend delivers all the elements of a successful, calm, confident alpha male who exudes alluring, magnetic attraction with his very essence of being. She’ll be dying for a ride on your private jet, but you’ll be taking her to the launch pad instead!

To Ascend is to move upward from a lower level or degree, rising to a greater station and, ultimately, becoming more charismatic and successful in your being. Like music moving from lower to higher notes, Ascending implies sympathetic resonance with those seeking such refinement and success.

Enhancing the ultra-successful, powerful, yet trustworthy A-lister that lies within, Ascend conveys that special magic you hold by presenting a sophisticated, charming, and seductively enticing temptation that is impossible to resist.

You will find your interactions effortlessly escalating, drawing attention and desire. Women will naturally gravitate towards you, and men will stand in awe, secretly wanting to be you. After all, your prestige speaks for itself.

Well-put-together attire speaks directly to that impeccable taste you so flawlessly wield. There is an air of ultimate confidence born of hard-won negotiations which speak directly to your subtly electrifying aura. Her eyes will lock on, never letting go, knowing there is a breathtaking journey ready to be undertaken.

Ascend is intensely engaging, conveying a highly elevated social status and the accompanying requisite self-confidence that goes along with it, and is certain to have her meet your eyes with her bedroom eyes.

Though tactfully subtle, this powerful blend delivers masterful results, and we recommend one to two sprays to deliver the message and bring the goods home.

You will find your most favorable traits enticingly accentuated, giving you a distinctive edge during work or play, inevitably enticing the most intimate of exchanges. After all, who doesn’t want to feel the power of success?

Ready to begin your Ascension?


Cover Fragrance

All pheromoneXS pheromone products ship UNSCENTED BY DEFAULT unless you specifically add a cover scent by selecting one as an option. Pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors and, as such, may not be pleasant smelling to yourself or those around you. pheromoneXS believes you should have a choice in what you use as a cover scent and offers a variety to choose from.

Please remember while pheromones use masculine/feminine molecules to steer the blend toward specific results, they can and are worn by anyone. Hence the option to fragrance a blend with fragrances or leave it unscented by default. XS blends are designed to be worn together, so choosing one fragrance for all blends (or a combination of unscented and one fragrance) is the best scenario. Don't be the person who's wearing many different fragrances at once!

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Product Information

Technical Details
Primary GOALS



4 Types of AndrosteRONE, Both Alpha and Beta AndrosteNOL, AndrostENONE and two other sexual masculine pheromones, A tiny amount of social proof COPulins {used to promote the idea wearer is often accompanied by women but not necessarily sexually}, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

All XS blends contain unlisted proprietary pheromone components.


29.6mg Per Bottle / 370mcg Per Drop




Alcohol Denat (SD40B)


Fine Mist Sprayer


Day Or Night


6-8 Hours

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