3.5 mL Pipette (plastic) 10 pcs

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  • 3.5 mL Pipette (plastic) 10 pcs
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Each order will contain 10 pipettes!

3.5 mL Pipette (plastic) for mixing and blending pheromones.

Pipettes are perfect when you want to create your own pheromone blends. These are disposable plastic pipettes with a gradient of .5 mL up to 3 mL. When full capacity is used it is estimated to hold up to 3.5 mL of liquid. These are perfect for the home hobbyist looking to add fragrances or blend raw pheromone ingredients or Research Molecules. Please understand these should be used only once and disposed of properly after being used. It is very easy to cross-contaminate pheromone blends and molecules and care should be taken to keep your ingredients safe.

Please remember when you purchase these you are not just getting a single pipette, but rather 10 pipettes. Ordering multiples (more than one set of ten) will effect shipping when choosing FedEx or DHL. You will incur a $10 FedEx or $20 DHL Oversized/weight shipping fee when ordering more than one set.

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