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XSR46 (5 ml) is now available as a research molecule in the store. We've been getting a lot of great responses on this one. If you haven't gotten a sample now is the time to get in on the testing.

XSR38: (5 ml) Another alpha-test research molecule unavailable to anyone other than community researchers as of yet and some luck orders starting in the next few days.

XSR59: (5 ml) Another fabulous unreleased as of yet molecule.

I'm pretty sure if you've tested some putatives you'll figure all three of these right quick. All very popular stuff and might even be out of stock (haven't checked recently).

XS132 A nad B (Alpha-Test): (10 ml X2) Just submitted by the Dancing Joker his excitement was surprising. He's very rational when it comes to testing so he must be onto something. I know if he says its great, its gonna be great.

Community Researchers are on the leading edge of advancing pheromone technology so I want you all to have the first opportunity here. This package will include all the above mentioned products.

Package includes:
XS128 ImpaXS (10 ml)
XSR46 (5 ml)
XSR38: (5 ml)
XSR59: (5 ml)

XS132 A and B (Alpha-Test): (10 ml X2)

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