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DeHydroEpiAndrosterone (DHEA) Pheromone Molecule



DeHydroEpiAndrosterone (DHEA) is a pheromone that is the most abundant steroid hormone circulating in humans produced in the adrenal gland, gonads and brain. Studies have indicated results as both an estrogen and androgen in women and men respectively.

This misunderstood pheromone molecule has been misclassified as a “filler” or “weak” pheromone by some vendors who don’t understand its importance and application. Our pheromoneXS community researchers and team of in-house pheromone enthusiasts have determined DeHydroEpiAndrosterone (DHEA) is an alpha-status enhancer and correctly used will project a powerful social position.

We believe it has been misclassified by vendors because they do not use pheromones and therefore don't have the experience and knowledge to understand its positive application.

DeHydroEpiAndrosterone (DHEA) when paired with additional alpha-status enhancers, such as Androsterone and its derivatives, creates a deeper more meaningful experience to those subjected to it. Androsterone, by itself, creates an alpha-dominance that can make the user appear as standoffish, unapproachable, and aloof. By utilizing the addition of the DHEA pheromone molecule the alpha-dominance created from the Androsterone becomes softer thus inviting to be engaged with an air of respect. This respect is a unique tool that has only been found to  exist with DeHydroEpiAndrosterone (DHEA) applications.

It has been determined that DHEA supplementation in women, as reported in a peer reviewed study, increases fertility. Additional research shows natural DeHydroEpiAndrosterone (DHEA) production increases through regular exercise as well as dietary calorie restrictions. It is therefore apparent to our pheromoneXS team that DHEA stimulates respect and confidence of the wearer to those subjected to its signature. This respect and confidence can be attributed to healthy living through exercise and diet contributing to the alpha-status enhancer which then increases fertility in women. Psychology and experience dictates women are attracted to a confident male.


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Product Information

Pheromone Molecules
Molecular Name trans-Dehydroandrosterone
Documents 98.9% as verified by Independent Third Party Laboratory. Please see our Documentation and Handling Tab for more information.
Synonyms 3β-Hydroxy-5-androsten-17-one, 5-Androsten-3β-ol-17-one, DHEA, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Dehydroisoandrosterone, Prasterone
CAS Number 53-43-0
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C19H28O2
Molecular Weight 288.42
Melting Point 149-151˚C
Application Dehydroandrosterone (DHEA) is a negative modulator of GABAA receptors. It is a steroid secreted by the adrenal gland with both estrogenic and androgenic properties. Best used as Alpha Status Enhancer pheromone

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