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Alpha-Androstenol (ANOL) RAW
Alpha-Androstenol (ANOL) RAW

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Alpha-AndrosteNOL Pheromone Molecule

16, (5α)-ANDROSTEN-3α-OL


16, (5α)-ANDROSTEN-3α-OL (Alpha-Androstenol) is a pheromone that is produced in both men and women and is considered a social while displaying sexual aspects. This molecules fragrance has been described as musky with hints of sandalwood, or sweet vanilla (Sandalwood: woody, earthy, spicy and sometimes acrid).

Although considered mostly for social usage Alpha-Androstenol has contributed, in study, to both men and women appearing as sexier, more attractive and approachable as opposed to those without. It has been revealed in additional studies that Alpha-Androstenol creates a warming comfort in those exposed to its signature.

In females the presence of this attractiveness coupled with the emotional state of comfort produces an acute rise in lutropin in the anterior pituitary gland which is known to trigger ovulation. It is therefore concluded that Alpha-Androstenol when used properly can be steered to switch on sexual attraction spikes.

Alpha-Androstenol however, is mostly used as a buffering pheromone to take the edge off more aggressive pheromones like Androstenone. The primary function of its signature can be described as social, chattiness, receptive, comforting, warmth, approachability, happy-go-lucky, attractiveness, openness, and friendly. Contrary to its primary chemical signature when worn in the presence of male to male, it reduces status and is associated with beta-like or weakness.  

Our pheromoneXS crowd-sourced research community recognizes Alpha-Androstenol as a staple of any good pheromone  collection. Accordingly this versatile molecule can be used to steer interactions to a lighter, party like environment while creating sexual attraction. On the reverse spectrum it can be used as a tempering agent for anyone perceived as arrogant, bitchy or standoffish. Alpha-Androstenol is one of only a few pheromone molecules that sometimes have women approaching and opening men.

pheromoneXS loves Alpha-Androstenol and we are certain you will too. Best practice is to start with 12.5 mcgs per spray and work your way up. Find the best application for you. Go about your life, smile and be happy.

Pheromone Molecules
Molecular Name 16, (5α)-ANDROSTEN-3α-OL

≥99% Certificate of Analasis

IR TEST: Conforms

Synonyms Alpha-Androstenol, ANOL, alphanol, 16-(5α)Androsten-3α-ol, 3α-Hydroxy-5α-androst-16-ene
CAS Number 1153-51-1
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C19 H30 O
Molecular Weight 274.44
Melting Point 136-139˚C
Application 5alpha-androst-16-en-3alpha-ol (androstenol), is an androgen that acts as a pheromone. In humans it is circulated via the adrenal gland and has been detected in sweat, saliva and urine. Used primarily for its social aspects such as chattiness, flirting, engagement and relative light fun.

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