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SKU: Babe-10ml-Spray
  • GOALS-based target effect statement: Exudes Playful energy which escalates immediately into Intimate Flirting... and more!
  • How the world will perceive you: Whether it's the slinky little dress or the calm, confidence in your playful gaze, you have it written all over you. The men line up to flirt with you and, if given the opportunity, will even whisper the naughtiest things in your ear. They can't help it, being near you just drive them wild. But no matter how worked up they get, you command respect and they treat you accordingly. You are the focal point of masculine attention and you instantly wrap them around your finger. Drinks flow and dinner invitations abound!
  • Best environments & what to expect when wearing: You are already HOT and Babe puts you over the top. The men know it instantly and the copulins drive them crazy! They may be a little shy at first, but give them a wink and watch how fast the sparks and proposals, start to fly.
  • When to use: Day or Night: Wear it Day or Night, wherever you want to max out your Babe factor!


Presenting "BABE"

You’re already HOT, now turn it up to BABE!

Beginning as an experiment, we tastefully combined some of the most enticing social and sexual pheromones we had to see just how far women could push their BABE factor. And woah, did the reports come back strong: Offers of free drinks, marriage proposals, sex in the club bathroom, and lots of phone numbers. We view it as a success!

When we think of what “Babe” means, a few words come to mind: Hot, Inviting, Provocative,

Seductive, Sensual, Arousing, Flirtatious, Kissable, Risqué, Slinky, Steamy, Suggestive, Titillating, Arm Candy... Feel free to add to the list!

Alluring sexual undertones tastefully tempered with socially engaging enticement, Babe projects flirtatious energy punctuated by a seductive softness designed to have him wrapped around your finger in no time flat.

As a moth to a light, he will be drawn to your energetic vibrance. A bit shy at first, perhaps, but your sultry smile is the ‘come hither and make a move’ signal... and move he will, right into wherever you want to take him.

His head will turn, and his eyes will lock on you and not let go. He can’t help it; you are someone he has to meet, has to talk to, has to know what magic you possess that is driving him wild with pulsating lust.

Babe is a super playful and intimately enticing blend formulated to lure the men into your lair and have them purring at your feet.

Day into night, anywhere you want to let your Babe factor out to play, one to two sprays and be ready to sort through the suitors eager to capture your attention and tend to your most intimate whims.

You get all the attraction of a playful kitty, backed by a raw carnal prowess most certain to have men everywhere clawing to win your affections.

Ready to turn it up to Babe level??


Results last 6-8 hours at 1-2 sprays applied to clean dry skin. This product does not contain any fragrance except the natural odors of the pheromones.

All pheromoneXS pheromone products ship UNSCENTED BY DEFAULT unless you specifically add a cover scent by selecting one as an option. Pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors and, as such, may not be pleasant smelling to yourself or those around you. pheromoneXS believes you should have a choice in what you use as a cover scent and offers a variety of cover scents.

Please remember while pheromones use masculine/feminine molecules to steer the blend towards specific results, they can and are worn by anyone. Hence the option to fragrance a blend with male or female fragrances or leave it unscented by default.

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