2.5 Inch Applicator 10 pcs

  • 2.5 Inch Applicator 10 pcs
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Each order will contain 10 applicators!

This is a small 2.5 inch Polystyrene Applicator designed for hygienically test, mix or apply make-up or skin care products. This disposable applicator is ideal to swab a small dab of any SD40B or DPG pheromone product to test fragrance and/or mixing. These are disposable plastic applicators and should not be used more than once. Ensure you prevent cross-contamination by having a few on hand when testing your favorite blends.

We also use them to confuse the corporate chef on Sundays when she is making pancakes for TeamXS. We replace the normal spatulas and spoons with tiny lab ones and then proceed to convince her that her hands are oversized from a lab accident gone wrong. All of our attempts have so far not been successful and she has threatened us with no longer making bacon anymore. By the love of all things bacon we have thus stopped attempting to confuse her. Turns out she is not even our chef anyway. She was hired by the office next door and they are not happy we have been getting her to cook for us instead of them.


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