Happiness (XS132)

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  • GOALS-based target effect statement: Releases carefree vibes in all Social environments, promoting Flirting & Playful behavior.
  • How the world will perceive you: There is a satisfaction that embraces you like that of a warm sunny day at the beach, the cool water lapping at your toes as the tide gently rolls back and forth, soothing your hot skin. You feel a sense of the refreshment of a gentle sun shower on a hot humid day. Others feel it, too, but it is strong for you, it is meant for you. It is like jumping into the cooling waters of the pool after having just finished mowing the lawn. As you sip that ice-cold drink on a hot sunny afternoon, you can almost hear a gentle Caribbean breeze carrying the music of steel drums and singing to you... Every little thing is gonna be alright!
  • Best environments & what to expect when wearing: Oh to be carefree in a warm, calming way. Happiness brings playful tones of burdens released and spirit refreshed. Everything just seems lighter and so much less troublesome. As if floating gently upon a calm sea caressed by cool breezes, you are the captain of your ship and it is smooth sailing ahead!
  • When to use: Day or Night: Being happy is an all Day and Night way of being!


Happiness (XS132)

Imagine yourself a warm sunny day at the beach, the cool water lapping at your toes as the tide gently rolls back and forth soothing your hot skin. XS132 is like a refreshing sun shower on a hot humid day. A jump in the pool after mowing the lawn. Its that ice cold drink on a hot sunny afternoon.



Each "XS132 Happiness" Unisexy bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in atomizer containing Beta AndroSTANOL, along with 3 other unique pheromone molecules
Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B). This blend is warm and inviting like a sunny day at the beach.

4160 mcg pheromones per 10 ml bottle at 52 mcg per spray


Results last 6-8 hours at 1-2 sprays applied to clean dry skin. This product does not contain any fragrance except the natural odors of the pheromones.

By default, all pheromoneXS blends are shipped UNSCENTED. You know yourself better than anyone else and therefore the cologne that work best for you. We offer 5 distinct cover scents for men, or you can use your own favorite cologne as a cover.

Please remember however, that pheromones are synthetic concentrated body odors and as such may not be very pleasant smelling. A cologne or fragrence is advised to also help exalt or lift the pheromone molecules off your skin into the air around you. This process is called diffusion. Without good diffusion a person will need to be very close to the application point to be affected by the pheromones. The more diffusive a pheromone application is the more powerful the results will be and the more people your silage will affect.
pheromoneXS uses our Advanced Diffusion Technology ADT so you get consistent results with or without cologne or fragrance.

You can read more about the importance of diffusion and silage on our community research forum. We are crowd-sourcing the research that is changing the way pheromones are understood. Come join us www.DiscoverXS.com.


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