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XSR31 “Research Grade” Pheromone Molecule


This is a Androsterone TYPE pheromone molecule that does not act like most others in the RONE family. While it does have a feel good and well being status to it, there are no elements of alpha-leader that have been detected in personal experimentation.

When researching a new pheromone molecule it is always a great idea to begin with a clean slate. Use the information available, if any is, to determine the starting point and whether its compatible for work, social or sexual aspects of life. Otherwise disregard whatever anyone has already discerned about the molecule.

If there is no information available always begin at a low dose such as 12.5 mcg which all pheromoneXS Research Molecules have as a starting point. You should test in an environment you feel comfortable and safe at. After a while if your research determines no adverse effects start to test in other areas like coffee shops, social setting and then at other locations such as work, if appropriate. The idea is to get comfortable with your interactions with it first, before venturing out.

After you have gathered sufficient personal experiences only then should you compare your notes to others that have researched the molecule before you. You’ll get more consistent and better at establishing your own views on a molecule this way. Molecule testing is subjective to the individual and this should only serve as general ideas to consider.

You should never expose children to any synthetic pheromones if at all possible especially in their formative years.

Join others like yourself in discovering what pheromones can really do. Our community is looking for the passionate few who create their realities. Share ideas, theories and all your wonderful pheromone stories. We’d love to get to know you.


pheromoneXS XSR31 is available in 10 ml bottles as multiple different concentrations which you can select from 2 mcg per spray up to 100 mcg per spray. Bottles come with Perfumers Alcohol (SD40B) as diluent time set with 10% Dipropylene Glycol (DPG). Whichever strength you select, you are sure to get the full potential of the research pheromone molecule. Perfectly blended pheromone mixes are now in your control enabling you to effortlessly create your own pheromone masterpiece.

10 ml Spray Bottle with atomizer, custom designed to your concentration specifications, will produce approximately 80 sprays. Each bottle consists of XSR31 research pheromone molecule in solution of 90% Perfumers Alcohol (SD40B) with 10% Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) and are ready for immediate use.

Each spray will contain the requested dosage with a possible differential of up to +/- 6%

Important Information
You agree that by ordering any Pheromone Molecules you are ordering a custom product made specifically for you. This process requires lab time and can add 3-5 business days (Monday through Friday excluding holidays) to your order processing times. pheromoneXS strives to exceed customer expectations, but you should expect possible delays when ordering these. Please consider this when ordering retail and custom products together.


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Research Molecules
Pheromone Class Testosterone Type
Recommended Dosage 12.5 mcg to 50 mcg
Documents pheromoneXS is striving to provide our valued clients with data sheets on every named pheromone molecule we sell, so you can buy with confidence. We are continually having each molecule assayed by independent third party laboratories like Sigma-Aldrich, Steraloids and Intertek. Accessibility to this data is an ongoing project that we are committed to, however not all components have been completed yet. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Compare To Available upon special request to “Community Researchers” on our DiscoverXS pheromone forum. We are crowd-sourcing pheromone research and knowledge. All are welcome to join.
Application Unisexy: Recommended low dosage for women, higher for men
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