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An Answer 2 years in the making.

Released back in July 2015, we answered the age old question of how do you keep your pheromones working if swimming, sweating or just hanging around in the hot sun. Our improved formula uses organic ingredients of luscious mango, cocoa and shea butters along with tropical oils like coconut, hemp seed, olive and sunflower along with skin conditioning and healing tonics such as MSM, vitamins A and E with the essence of chamomile flowers. Its a cornucopia of skin moisturizing and rejuvenating goodness infused with the amazing abilities of pheromones. Its so good you can use it daily as your favorite moisturizer.

**Please note the image has not been updated yet. Bottle is 4oz not 2

Life is not Perfect
The perfect day, barely a passing cloud, but just enough to lend shade from the hot sun. A gentle breeze cools our glistening skin as we lay out perfecting bronzed tans. We sip cold drinks fashioned from real fruits perfectly balanced with rum. Just enough kick to loosen our minds locks on inhibitions.

Smiling at passerby’s who smile back sneaking a glance at our toned abs we worked hard and long sculpting in the gym. Tiny bikinis, well appointed shorts, the white sand warm on our toes while dreaming of the lovely bodies vying for attention around us.

Smelly, Smelly
Except it is a dream and the reality is its usually to hot and the only relief from the scorching sun is found under an umbrella or the water. Our tan achieved in a booth hustling in-between meetings and workouts.

We creak our necks trying to get a look at those hot young bodies, only they are probably to young to spell gravity let alone understand its effects.

Pheromones: Our Bodies Calling Card
And lets face it, if you’re not wearing pheromones at the beach you’re missing out on one of life's greatest opportunities. A girl can stand by a complete stranger with only a tiny piece of fabric between them and feel perfectly comfortable.

Pheromones are our bodies social answer to the business card. And just like any business card; more info equals a quick path to the junk pile. More typical; guaranteed to score three points in the trash. Out of the box; makes it to the desk, but only to take a dive into the junk pile.

So what cards make it past the junk pile or trash? Its the million dollar question that has left the greatest of human minds pondering for lifetimes. What’s worse is nature provides all the answers which we then wash away with soap and water to adhere to the same natural social norms we identify with.

At The Waters Edge
At the waters edge where hormones are running hot, bodies are undulating with precision techniques to attract its mate. We release wave after wave of natural pheromones indicating our ability to procreate keeping our bloodline alive. The sun scorches the skin so we generously coat ourselves in chemicals to protect us from the harmful and damaging UVA and UVB.

Just like our daily routine to scrub away any foul odors associated with sweat like those pheromones we identify with as our social business card. We use anti-microbial and bacterial washes to kill those pesky and smelly stenches. We slather on chemicals with cool ratings like SPF25 and higher to protect us.

PheromoneXS Delivering An Edge
We use pheromones daily in our routines now to compensate for what we wash away. On the one hand nature provides us with a complex virtual key that unlocks the doorway to social harmony between people. A single key that may unlock hundreds of doors, if we are lucky enough to find the right doors.

With pheromoneXS our unique blends guides the user along a chosen path with the right key to the right doors. We provide our clients with the right business card that stands out and shines above all the others we are constantly bombarded with.

So What’s The Deal?
Pheromone blends are not waterproof, not even oils. At the end of the day, sometimes even sooner, we can get a fresh start by simply washing. At the waters edge, whether beach, pool, lake or river, our need to cool off, even in the form of sweating washes away our ability to stand out amongst everyone else. We can’t just reapply pheromones at the community pool or beach lest we are labeled creepy cologne person.

An Answer 2 Years In The Making

Introducing pheromoneXS beta test blend (XS200) XSwim

Utilizing all organic ingredients:
Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil,  Hemp Seed Oil, MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane), Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Water, Fragrance, Beeswax, Retinol, Tocopherol, Aqua.

Combined with our powerful XS pheromone blends with a very light wild tropical coconut in-house fragrance (the girls have been absolutely passionate about) we have successfully created the ideal pheromone base blend for one of life's greatest opportunities. Pheromones at the beach!

Now with XSwim you can spend up to 80 minutes with our unique water and sweat resistant pheromone base without having to reapply. If you do decide to add a little more of your “secret” oomph you can ask the hottie next to you to help rub some on those hard to reach places. Our Wild Tropical Coconut fragrance will have them huffing in all those special pheromones driving them nuts in an already sexually charged high-intensity environment.

It’s No Secret:
Because at pheromoneXS we don’t just manufacture pheromone blends en masse, we only sell what we personally make and use for ourselves, we have an advantage. We’re not saying we are the only vendors who use pheromones, but we are saying we just might be the only one who depends on pheromones to get laid.

Our founder SteveO, charming, passionate and intelligent but also super funny and quite possibly the funniest looking of any pheromone vendors alive. He’s been saying it for a long time, if it wasn’t for pheromones, he’d be one lonely guy.

Understanding his social business card and what works and doesn’t work, SteveO set out to even the odds in his favor. PheromoneXS is all about giving the not so perfect men and women of the world a fair shake of scoring happiness.

You’ll often hear SteveO say who would you rather trust with pheromones? The 6 foot something beautiful model type with perfectly toned body and skin who more often than not doesn’t even wear pheromones, or the guy who depends on pheromones to give him an edge? The difference is clear and our thousands of clients the world over attest to the success of pheromoneXS everyday.

Blend Diffusion - It Starts With Water
XSwim begins with our unique diffusion technology that while protecting the pheromones from simply washing away, continuously and evenly diffuses over a minimum of 90 minutes. The nature of XSwim is to prevent unwanted wash-off of pheromones during swimming or outdoor sporting activities and as such some users describe the application point as lotion-like.

XSwim is not Sunscreen or Sunblock
Many of the same or similar organic ingredients that XSwim uses have been shown independently to offer a natural high Broad-Spectrum UVA and UVB sunblock protection with an SPF25. However, because this statement has not been evaluated or confirmed by the US Food and Drug Administration pheromoneXS makes no claims or assertions that XSwim is a sunblock or sunscreen.

We provide this comparison for informational purposes only that some components, commonly regarded as the same or similar components as used in XSwim, have been reported by other sources to produce these types of benefits for the wearer. XSwim is strictly a base to be used to prolong or extend pheromones when in contact with high-humidity, prolonged sweating or exposure to water.

Full Sun Attraction: Spend the day in the water at the beach, pool, river float or just basking in the sun. We got you covered. Now Unisexy with Flirt
SPF 25 UVA & UVB Sun Protection*: XSwim is a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion that keeps you protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
80 Minutes Water Resistant Protection: XSwim gives you up to 80 minutes of playtime in the water, sweating while playing volleyball, frisbee or fending off all the attention you’ll be getting.
24 Hour Moisturizing Formula: Rubs in silky smooth with specially designed “Hydrating Pearls” to keep your skin soft and supple while protecting you from the sun. You won’t even know you have it on.

*XSwim is a beta-test product distributed freely to DiscoverXS Community Influencers under the express license that said product is for experimental purposes only. Any statement or claim as to its efficacy, sunscreen protection, water resistance or moisturizing elements have not yet been independently verified.


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