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EPI-AndrosteRONE Pheromone Molecule




3β-HYDROXY-5α-ANDROSTAN-17-ONE (Epi-Androsterone) is the 3β-isomer of Androsterone and is commonly detectable in sweat, saliva and urine of both male and females. Epi-Rone as it is commonly referred to has the ability to tone down the alpha dominance typically associated with Androsterone.

When used in conjunction with other alpha-dominant eliciting pheromones, Epi-Androsterone can act as a ramp-up or bridge to the effect. In many instances Androsterone or other dominance molecules can project the wearer as arrogant or stand-offish. This is associated with a signature that is difficult to believe by those effected that the wearer is deserving of such status and therefore can appear as not-worthy of respect.

It is a common misconception that an alpha-dominant pheromone blend is a respect blend when it is more a fear reaction. Those effected are fearful of reprisals from the alpha-dominance signature and therefore likely to complete the task if presented by a colleague or boss. However at the same time they are less likely to engage in actual dialogue or communication beyond what is required. Nor do they respect or feel trusting of the person.

It is in these types of situations that the incredible benefits of Epi-Androsterone are evident. By creating a ramp-up or bridge you are building a mutual respect and trust between the wearer and those effected. It is through this chemosignal agreement that people will want to engage and communicate and when asked to do something, again in a working environment, will happily go about the task. When people feel appreciated and that respect is reciprocated, even if only through appearance, the dominance effect becomes the agreement effect.

When paired with the other beta isomer of Androsterone, Etiocholanolone (5β-isomer) the wearer can create a sense of trust and well being, with calming confidence. It has been reported many times that confidence is the single most attractive trait that is sought out in others for dating and sexual purposes. Epi-Androsterone either by itself or when paired with another great beta isomer or simply Androsterone is a must have for every real pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist. A unisexy pheromone molecule you need to have.

Our DiscoverXS community researchers have reported awesome results anywhere from 2.5 mcg on the low end all the way to 50 mcg and above on the higher scale. We recommend a dosage of about 10-20 mcg per spray to begin with incrimental increases from there.

pheromoneXS Epi-Androsterone is available in 10ml bottle as multiple different concentrations which you can select from 5 mcg per drop up to 100 mcg per drop. Bottles come with Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) as diluent. Whichever strength you select, you are sure to get the full potential of the pheromone molecule. Perfectly blended pheromone mixes are now in your control enabling you to effortlessly create your own pheromone masterpiece.

10ml Amber Bottle with attached dropper custom designed to your concentration specifications, will produce approximately: 10ml = 300 drops. Each bottle consists of Epi-Androsterone pheromone molecule in solution of Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) and are ready for immediate use.

Each drop will contain the requested dosage with a possible differential of up to +/- 6%

Important Information
You agree that by ordering any Pheromone Molecules you are ordering a custom product made specifically for you. This process requires lab time and can add 3-5 business days (Monday through Friday excluding holidays) to your order processing times. pheromoneXS strives to exceed customer expectations, but you should expect possible delays when ordering these. Please consider this when ordering retail and custom products together.

Dropper Types

All Oil Bottles are shipped with a white Euro Dropper. You may request an optional Bulb Dropper to be included on the side.

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Product Information

Pheromone Molecules
Molecular Name 5α-ANDROSTAN-3α-OL-17-ONE
Documents pheromoneXS is striving to provide our valued clients with data sheets on every named pheromone molecule we sell, so you can buy with confidence. We are continually having each molecule assayed by independent third party laboratories like Sigma-Aldrich, Steraloids and Intertek. Accessibility to this data is an ongoing project that we are committed to, however not all components have been completed yet. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Australia - Unavailable for import under Prohibited Imports and Exports (Drugs and Precursor Chemicals)


Pheromone molecules removed from blends, because of government restrictions, have been carefully replaced with other acceptable components. At pheromoneXS we are dedicated to upholding the law, while also ensuring your complete satisfaction. We stand behind the integrity of every blend we make and promise the results are just as good or better with the replacement molecules we use. Its just like wearing the same XS blend you know and love. We guarantee it!

CAS Number 53-41-8
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C19 H30 O2
Molecular Weight 290.44
Melting Point 183-184˚C
Application 5β-ANDROSTAN-3α-OL-17-ONE (Epi-Androsterone) is a pheromone molecule detectable in the sweat, saliva and urine of both men and women and therefore unisexy. The beta-isomer of Androsterone your signature will be recognized as respectful, trustworthy and honorable. This molecule is ideal for pairing with socially dominant molecules and can bridge the gap most commonly associate as arrogance or obtuse if the signature is not understood or believable. Great for both men and women.

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Let us know what you think of our products. We want to read what you have to say whether critical or a glowing experience. We value everyone's voice and promise to do our very best to meet your expectations. It's your chance to help others decide in selecting the very best pheromone product for themselves.

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