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  • GOALS-based target effect statement: Promotes feel-good vibes in any Social scene, sparking Playful interactions & Engaging opportunities.
  • How the world will perceive you: You are completely refreshed and rejuvenated from the BS of the week. Whether the A-hole who lives down the hall, the world-class jerk of a boss, or the never-ending stack of bills which just got paid, all get washed away. It's the weekend again and the light-hearted feeling of more awesome days has just been invoked. The weight of the weekly pressures is lifted and the lightheartedness of the weekend is here, again. Breathe in deeply as you are propelled through time and space to a place of warmth and sunshine. A place where soft breezes cool your warm skin. The mind follows the body... and the body has just been refreshed!
  • Best environments & what to expect when wearing: Be YOU, everyone else is already taken! XStential is a sensuous reminder of warm, sun-soaked days, where carefree play leads to soothing memories of fun and wonder. Spray it on and breathe in the coolness of water calming your skin and stirring your thoughts. It's a brand new day... live it!
  • When to use: Day or Night: This go-everywhere body spray is perfect for all Day and Night, with light re-applications recommended every 4-6 hours.


Creating memories when the weekend weather allows us while living week to week, paycheck to paycheck. Hoping for the best there isn’t to much month left at the end of the money. Reminiscing of childhood summer vacations, basking in the warmth of the sun, the days long, but always filled with excitement and wonder.

As adults, we long for those sun-kissed days, if only afforded us on short weekends. The ever-increasing demands of life always creeping along the edge, waiting to pounce, abruptly ending our bliss.

But today is our day. The irresistible attraction of heat glistening off our sweaty skin, covered in the tinniest of fabrics, our sexiness exposed, displayed. We work our bodies, all the pales of winter, knowing, yearning for a short 48 hours, but it is ours. Earned, it is our reprieve from the asshole down the hall, the ever-demanding boss, the 6 am blare of the alarm.

XStential the simplest, harmonious junction of life and happiness. Experience the perfect synergy of a long summer weekend while immersed in the refreshing glow of calming waters that soothe away life's woes.

Our newest formula will captivate your senses as you gently caress yourself in our unique water-based body mist. Allow our soothing formula to carry you away like the hypnotic melody of waves crashing along a sandy beach.

Each 120ml bottle has been delicately crafted using our unique “water-based” formula. Every spray is like a fine mist of cooling water on the hottest of days that kisses your skin. Like tiny droplets of memories, both old and newly formed, XStential releases a vibrant burst of pheromonal energy that is certain to take you far away from the mundane.

Because of its one of a kind “water-based” formula with just the slightest bit of fragrance, multiple sprays are encouraged throughout the day. Our research suggests 3-6 sprays immediately after showering with reapplication every 4-6 hours for maximum results. Fragrance dissipates to barely noticeable usually within 20-30 minutes (at maximum 6 sprays)


Men's Fragrance Notes
Base: Sandalwood, Citrus Blossom, Tonka
Heart: Cinnamon, Muguet
Head: Carnation, Mountain Air, Wood



Each "XS140 Beta" Unisexy bottle is a 120 ml / US 4.00 fl oz bottle with built-in atomizer.

Important Information!

Thank you for your interest in the Beta Testing area of our store. There are NO SAMPLES available. Each product is created in “Limited” supply specifically for research and development purposes. The pricing is substantially discounted from our regular products for affordability.

All Limited Edition pheromone blends including Custom and Beta Testing are offered without warranty and are NOT covered by the pheromoneXS Guarantee.

Please use discretion when considering purchasing an untested pheromone spray or oil. pheromoneXS values your feedback in this area. If you are unfamiliar with pheromones your best choice is our signature pheromone spray series for Men, Women, and/or Unisexy.


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