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Tease XS - Pheromone Spray for Women (30ml)

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Tease XS - Pheromone Spray for Women (30ml)
Tease XS - Pheromone Spray for Women (30ml)
Tease XS - Pheromone Spray for Women (30ml)
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Brand: PheromoneXS
Product Code: WB-XSTZE-30S
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GOALS: Graphical Olfaction-Advantage Leveraging SystemGOALS: Graphical Olfaction-Advantage Leveraging System Secondary GOAL Primary GOAL Secondary GOAL Recomended Dosage Suitable for Nigh usage Pheromone Duration

TEASE 30ml Size Matters (That's what she said)


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Retail Blends

Beta-THDOC, ALPHA-AndrosteNOL, ESTratetraenol, Beta-AndrosteNOL, Beta-AndrostANOL, PregNENOLONE, AndrostaDIENONE, Copulins, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).


Some of our blends may contain unlisted proprietary pheromone components.

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Recommended Dosage 1 to 2 sprays to exposed skin such as neck, wrists, behind ears or any spot you typically apply perfume to. Most women find two sprays are adequate to get the job done.
Day or Night Usage Best for night wear.
G O A L S Playful, Flirting, Sexual
Application Other women stand around talking about her. She walks by a little to slow, a little to close and way to flirtatious. Those other women secretly want to be her. She knows it and she plays the game to perfection. The guys...well they just drool!

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