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What Our Clients Are Saying

Actually so good i feel so confident with it on lol

~ Johnny Pint

So Simple, yet so effective. This is wonderful blend and attracts love, generosity and quality treatment from others. I higly recommend.

~ Julia

Exactly what it claims. I like to spray this behind a woeking fan to lightly mist the room when I kust need to tip the mood toward bedroom time.

~ LP-Zach

I normally use 1 drop of SOB or even less. Application points are wrists and a smear with a wet wrist on my face, for the self effects.

I walk more slow and confident. I feel more confident.

People definitely treat me with more respect at th...

~ Mr Level 1

I got a sample bottle of this and it smells really bad. Like dirty dog rollin in **** bad. I have the other pheromones and they don't smell like this. Did this batch go rotten?

~ John

Thanks Steve and crew I’ve tried other company’s for pheromones to attract women with no luck but with your products are the best.A couple of sprays of Evolve xs with my favourite cologne,I saw the nurse at the doctors surgery in past with no pher...

~ David

Steve-o and the pheromonexs gang, you are genius! I don’t know what it is in this blend that works but after 6 months of testing, it really does work like it says somehow.

I notice a lot more interaction and drive to chat with people with this...

~ Sam

Vibes is an excellent phero i have tried about 3-4 separate occassions and noticed this allowed me to connect with people on a whole new level. Had me going out of my way to have conversations with complete strangers and build massive rapport. Wor...

~ Elvis

Indeed you feel like a celebrity wearing this. Others around you react awestruck. People do the double-take stare like they're trying to figure out where they know you from. Less approachable than goddess. Still lots of friendly behavior and compl...

~ Lrx

Goddess mix is so much fun! I feel like a rock star, of the sweet and down to earth variety. Lots of compliments from both men and women. Everyone is fascinated and intrigued. Lots of smiles, eye contact, flirty behavior, kind gestures. and respec...

~ Lrx

Real pheromones, by real pheromone enthusiasts

pheromoneXS is an independent business headquartered just outside Memphis TN which has been offering our high-potency pheromone blends since 2011. Established by a pheromone hobbyist and enthusiast with one very simple mission: only sell the very same pheromone blends we personally use. 

Our unique pheromone blends available to everyone, however you identify, are hand-crafted in small batches with reagent-grade ingredients. Designed to enthrall the emotions and captivate the senses XS blends pack powerful, but consistent results into every spray.

Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to turn heads entering any room; Meet new friends and lovers, turn friends into lovers, gain the respect of your peers, be the influencer. XS blends will help provide you with all the incredible opportunities you deserve right at your fingertips.